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How To Keep a Guy Interested

Holding Hands

by admin on August 19, 2013

Bringing a man into your life is just the first step. If you want this experience to develop into a rewarding, long-term relationship, you need to do more than catch his eye. It is easy even for fabulous first impressions to wear off by the end of the first few dates.

In order to prolong the discovery of one another’s personalities and maybe even create a lasting commitment, try some of the following tips. You may use just one, a few or all of them as they become useful.

It is natural, when you are excited in those first few hours or days of knowing someone who seems special, to want to share everything about yourself. Every woman has a secret desire to be an open book for her man. However, this can cause the flame of the candle to go out quickly if everything is revealed too soon.

Don’t be afraid to play with him and draw out the experience of letting him get to know you. It sounds calculating, but you should be willing to plan out just how much you will tell or somehow avoid answering certain questions each night so that you have something to reveal the next day and the next. He may not know it but this is just an emotional and mental version of a striptease. It will keep his eyes on you.

Learn About Him

What does he like?

Finding out will give you necessary information about how to keep him interested. You can use this in conjunction with the advice about intrigue. If you are trying to keep from revealing too much, start to deflect questions and ask him about himself. People love to talk about themselves and men are no different.

Unfortunately, you may have to hear more about his job than you want to know. Along the way, though, you will learn important information about his preferences and his dreams. Also, he will feel connected to you and less likely to forget about you after the excitement of the first few dates fades away.

Use what you learn to plan dates, cook special meals, buy gifts and

so on.

Boost His Ego

It may sound manipulative but it is for his own good. Every man likes feeling like a real man from stories on TV or in books and films. If he considers himself an athlete, make comments about his muscularity or his skills. If he is intellectual, verbally admire his ideas or modes of expression. For the funny guy, remember to laugh at his jokes even when they are not funny.

Most importantly, do not let his chivalrous gestures go unnoticed. They might stop happening if you do not encourage them. Also, he will feel like the gentleman that you want him to be.

Careful With PDA

Not everyone likes public displays of affection and this pertains to many men. Yes, if you are crazy about him, you probably want to touch him all the time. However, this can also show your hand way too early and scare him off. Men are more closed than women and do not always like to show affection in public. As time goes by, you can coax him into more open shows of affection.

You know on the first date to look your best. However, if you are like many women, you begin to loosen up on the makeup discipline way too early. Keep up the attention to detail and stay on the ball with regard to your grooming and hygiene. This will keep him interested as much as anything else.


These days, it seems pretty puritanical to talk about withholding sex. However, it is simply the truth that many men will split after they sleep with a woman early in the relationship. Hold off for as long as you can. Everyone’s culture is different so there is no hard number. Waiting too long could also be bad. Whatever you do, be focused on finding the right moment for initiating this part of the relationship.

The overall thing to remember is to stay focused on the relationship. If you are already slipping into cruise control, the relationship is starting its decline. Keep this matter at the forefront of your thoughts and you will have better luck in keeping him interested.

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