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5 Tips To Keep a Man Under Your Spell (And How To Never Let Him Walk Away)

Little Known Ways to Approach a Man and Seduce Him

Maybe, as all women claim or admit, seducing a man isn’t really all that hard.

We all are cool with that.

But when it comes to keeping that man under your spell, then you have to ask all kinds of questions trying to figure out how to keep the man of your dreams, your prince charming. So let me propose, ladies, 5 tips to help unravel what really allows you to keep a man under your spell.

Don’t be annoying

If you’re one of those women who are super-ultra-jealous, possessive and selfish, it’s high time for a change.

Indeed, you have to respect what I call the “freedom of the male.”

Let him have time to himself, and don’t ask too many questions about what he does. Don’t follow him around like a crazy person trying to demonstrate that you’re deeply interested in his life. Yes, you’re part of his personal life, but remember that every man needs to have a little world all to himself, ALONE, so respect his little universe, he’ll be very grateful, and as a result, he’ll remain under your spell.

Back to my university times, I was dating a girl who REALLY annoyed me! She wouldn’t stop asking me all kinds of stupid questions, like what class did you have today, who was sitting next to you, a girl or a boy? What color underwear did you put on at 8 am? Did you dream about me last night? And lots and lots of other stupid questions, really really stupid.

So stop being annoying, it will inevitably make your man run away, and… never  return.

Stop criticizing and judging him

Here’s another big mistake you can make.

Spending your time giving him orders to do this and that, criticizing him, his family and friends, judging him without reason, is THE worst nightmare for a man.

In fact, his friends should be YOUR friends, his family should also be YOUR family. Everything is connected in a man’s little world, the one I mentioned in the first point, it’s almost a spiritual thing for a man.

If you don’t like something about him and you really want him to change it, be a sexy diplomat… I’ve written quite a few articles on the psychology of persuasion and influence. and they’re full of perfect ways to change your prince’s mind while remaining seductive and charming.

Think about it …

Take the initiative

Oh how happy I am when my girlfriend calls me or sends me a text message. telling me that she’s gotten me a nice surprise, it makes me start going crazy with joy like a 10 year-old boy!

All men, without a single exception, LOVE surprises and novelty. Try to take leadership of the relationship from time to time (not too much though, men prefer to be the undisputed leaders.)

Let him know that you’re taking him out tonight to a nice restaurant, or if you want him to totally lose it, and completely give in

to your every wish, tell him you’re cooking your best dish especially for HIM

(And-oh!  if you’re about to tell me that cooking isn’t your thing, allow me to suggest that this is a good time to take some classes from your lovely mother.)

Men have a tendency to be the ones who make plans for the weekend, or for going out, etc… But at the same time, they get tired of always being the decision makers, so try to take the initiative and spring a fun plan on him for next weekend… He’ll appreciate your gesture immensely, I guarantee it.

Be elegant and sexy – always!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I only like – or nearly –  women who are classy & elegant. Women who know how to dress well and take good care of themselves.

You know what?

I may be destroying a dream, but I’m going to share an important secret with you, ladies…

Among men, there ‘s always a kind of hidden competition to see who is dating the most beautiful and most intelligent woman. In general, a man likes to be proud of his girlfriend so that he can, as they say, increase his social value within his entourage.

When you go out together for an evening with friends, keep in mind that he’ll be very happy if you make an effort in terms of clothing to look more beautiful and more elegant. Your prince will be… really HAPPY and proud of you, proud of his lovely companion. Because his frienemy Hal (yes, we men, we always have a friend who hates us for no good reason, just like that) will think:

“Oh yeah how lucky, he’s really going out with a beautiful bombshell”

Your prince’s ego will be flattered! And that’s something men adoooooooooooooooore!

Learn how to listen to him

Sometimes your charming little prince bores you with his stories, I know.

But keep in mind that we men also have our moments of weakness, no matter how much we try, with all the means at our disposal, to hide them and cover them up. That is precisely where he needs your sensuality and your exclusive support. In fact, you have to be, in a certain sense, his best friend (Unless you want him to spend a little time with your girlfriend Miriam, then later, come tell me he’s cheating on you.)

Listen to his little work or family problems and try to comfort him in your sexy way, oh yes girls, I know you’re incurable on that score, I don’t even need to give you advice on that topic … What? Should I draw you a picture??

Right… let me repeat, you have to delve into his world, and not act like a bitch who doesn’t give a damn, seduction is a reciprocal relationship… The more you’re with him, the more he’ll be with YOU… The more you don’t care, the more he’ll move away ==> goodbye little love story. You’ve been warned

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