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Tips on how to keep your face clear

tips on how to keep your face clear

Most acne is caused by hormones and you can't really do anything about that. But, based on personal experience, I would recommend the following products to HELP keep your skin clean and clear:

1) A gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or Purpose. Cetaphil doesn't lather, but Purpose does.

2) Booth's Fruit Enzyme Spray. It helps exfoliate your skin and clean out your pores. I loooooove this stuff.

3) Purpose Facial Lotion. Hydrates your skin, but doesn't cause break outs b/c it's water-based and formulated for sensitive skin.

4) Clearasil vanishing cream. Dab it on your pimples to help dry them up, but remember to put lotion on or else your skin will get super dry.

5) Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar is a good natural toner. Just pour it onto a cotton ball and swipe it over your face, but BEWARE, you will

smell like a sweaty gym sock so only use it at night so you can wash it off in the morning.

Believe it or not, the less products you use, the better. Also, try not to touch your face too much (i.e. leaning on your hands, using your cellphone too much, etc.) and ALWAYS wash your face before going to bed. If you sleep on your side, wash your pillow case every two days in hot water because it can be a breeding ground for bacteria which will cause acne.

I also find that exercising helps a lot b/c sweating cleans out your pores. Just remember to wash your face right after.

I hope this helps! BTW. don't use Proactiv. I've tried and it's a complete waste of money. If you want a kit, try Clinique.

EliteWasabi · 8 years ago

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