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4 Great Tips on How to Keep Your Hair Straight all Day

You have curly or wavy hair that you want to make straight and silky? No problem, I have some useful information for you! Sticking to a few basic rules will help you maintain the straightness of your hair regardless of the environmental conditions. Keep on reading to discover some of the biggest straight hair secrets.

Want that perfectly straight hair all day long? You should consider letting your locks grow a bit longer. Short hair is more prone to getting curves or becoming wavy, regardless of the styling steps you perform in the morning.

Long hair requires proper conditioning and hydration. Getting it trimmed on a regular basis will remove split ends and damaged tips. Make sure you are ready for maintaining your hair in perfectly healthy condition – this is the only way it will look great after getting straightened.

2 Choose the Right Products

Apart from having a good blow dryer and flat iron, you will also have to choose the right products for hair straightening and styling. Buy hair products that are labeled as “smooth”, “sleek”, “straight” or anything similar.

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and apply conditioner, especially to the ends. Always dry your hair with a towel before you begin the straightening process. The flat iron should be used on completely dry hair.

Apply some kind of straightening mousse, gel or any other hair straightening product on wet hair. Don’t ever brush your hair while it’s wet, although brushing can help make it straight, your hair is weakest when it’s wet and brushing damages it. It’s also a good idea to apply some heat protector, since you’ll be exposing your hair to heat next.

3 Blow Drying and Flat Ironing

Both blow drying and the use of a flat iron will result in straight hair.

Some people that have stubbornly curly hair will need to do both in order to enjoy the results.

If you want to straighten your hair through blow drying, you will need a wide brush. Use the dryer on a low heat setting and keep it close to the hair. Move the brush and the dryer in unison for best results.

A flat iron can do more damage to your hair because it uses more heat than the blow dryer. Invest in a quality piece of styling equipment. Section your hair and start with the bottom layers. Move from the back of the head to the front sections.

4 Keeping Your Hair Straight – A Few Additional Tips

Styling in the morning will make you very happy with the appearance of your hair but how do you maintain the impeccable hairdo throughout the day?

Applying hairspray to the final “outcome” of your efforts is a great option. You will also find anti-frizz products that will keep hair from becoming wavy. Get a product containing silicone if your hair is very prone to getting curly.

As already mentioned, investing in high quality products is essential for having beautiful and healthy hair. The market has so many cheap options to offer but most of these will deliver mediocre heat protection, nourishing and styling results. Go through the list of ingredients and pick the varieties that contain the biggest amount of natural extracts and oils.

Remember that styling is great and you will look amazing but giving your hair a break once in a while will be essential for maintaining its health. It is true that girls having wavy hair want it to be perfectly straight but curls and waves can be incredibly charming and feminine. Learn to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of your hair.

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