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How to Keep Your Room Clean (Tips For Grown-Ups)

tips on how to keep your room clean

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We always think keeping a bedroom clean is a child's chore.  Yet, a child learns more from what they see rather what they hear.  Set an example for the little people in your life (or your partner) by maintaining a clean space to relax. Here are a few tips on how to keep your room clean :

First Things First

Before you begin your cleaning responsibilities, you need to alter your mindset.  Leaving your bedroom chores for “later” (when “later” never comes), is not an effective cleaning regime.  Pointing fingers at your partner won't work either.  Over time, your chores left behind will pile taller than your weekly laundry.

Rather than asking yourself or your partner “Why don't you put your clothes away?”  Ask both parties what they want from the space.  If the cumulation of clothes has now taken over a reading chair, how does that affect your lifestyle?  Instead of

waiting until you explode with anxiety, ask “How do we feel when we spend time in this space?”

Do it Now

If it takes less than 2 minutes to complete a chore, do it immediately.  This includes hanging keys, putting shoes away, hanging or folding clothes, wiping spills, and making the bed.  (Yes, making your bed will only take 2 minutes of your time, and it will encourage calmness and order in your life.)

Clean your room in under 10 minutes  

Gather your cleaning supplies.

Pick up anything that's not where it belongs.

Gather the misplaced things on top of your bed.

Put them where they belong.

The Golden Rule

Have self-discipline.  It's really the greatest secret we can share.  To maintain a clean bedroom, recognize there are “zones” in the bedroom.  These include sleeping, relaxation, clothing, and storage zones.


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