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5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Walkthrough Tips Hints

tips on how to kill yourself

About 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

Stan is in hell. He lives the day-in, day-out workaday life of a cube jockey. A last-minute meeting request pushes him over the edge. As Stan, you wander the office space finding ingenious ways to hurt him until Stan’s health is completely drained. He has but five minutes—if he can’t do it by then, he’s doomed to sit through yet another boring meeting. You’re Stan’s only hope.

Dead Before the Deadline Badge (5 points) – Complete the game under 5 minutes.

Game Controls

Arrow keys: movement (Hint: tilt keyboard to the right to match the game perspective if you’re having trouble.)

5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Hints

Some items must be combined with others before their deadly force is unleashed.

When you have picked up the first item, the item you can combine it with will be marked by a larger green arrow.

5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Walkthrough Under 1 Minute

5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Walkthrough – Axeman Slash

1. Visit the lift. Press SPACEBAR when the green down arrow is lit. This leads to B – Basement.

2. Move to the next room – email beta laboratory

3. Talk any of the nerd guy.

4. Reply with (B). “Oh, hi. Carl asked me to tell you he needs help with the boss’s PC”

5. Repeat action 4 and 5 till you’re dead.

NOTE: Each round occurs 3 slashes, each -5% health, and a gygaxed -10% health. 4 rounds = dead.

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