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Tips on how to look hot

tips on how to look hot


Best Answer: Get the guy in his element. Meaning, against cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes. the stereo-typical props for - guys. Heavy equipment, tools, construction (any kind). Have shirt off if he is good and buff. Skateboards, bicycles, up against a pin ball or stand up video game machine.

Spray bottle with water, make him look sweaty in some shots. Gloves, different hats from construction hard hats to motorcycle, gansta' dews.

Temp tattoos. Not large colorful things but all black and mostly Celtic ruins. Use talc powder to tone them down and not look glossy.

Angles. Get lighting to show off his chest and abs. How about his back and back side. A lot of guys fancy their butt too, and you girls look. In a controlled lighting area use low key lighting to further enhance his arms, chest, stomach. etc. Black background, single side light, body oil. You get the idea. Maybe YOU apply the oil.

The list is actually endless

and with costume rentals in most cities you have a large supply of "looks" you can cultivate.

Face looks. Now were getting into harder areas. You may suggest things, like lasers coming out of his eyes or such, but HE is going to have to dig deep with-in him self and become an actor, with your prompting him.

For faces to fit poses you may have to say things like think of winning a million bucks. Think of your dog dieing. Think of what it would be like to be Einstein. Now you, as the photographer better be ready to snap and snap fast because sometimes the best look is the one they give letting the question sink in and you get the face in action as they ponder the question. The "next" face usually given is the exaggerated face of them now trying to - look - that way. Understand.

Nothing is easy, but when it all comes together, man it's good.

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