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Tips on how to look like a model

tips on how to look like a model

Welcome to How to Look Like a Model

How to Look Like a Model is dedicated to helping you look and be your best. Let’s face it, not all of us are going to make it to the runway, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up looking and being your best. In fact, looking your best starts with coming to terms with who you are and also who you aren’t. Remember it’s all about being the best you possibly can…and that is enough .

So how are we going to go about this… First, remember our foundation is realizing that what is on the outside is just that…the outside. It’s a shell. A shell for what is on the inside. Just like the vinyl siding of a house doesn’t make it a home. Your clothes and even your make-up are just the packaging of what is inside. Sort of like a beautiful decorated cake doesn’t make it a great tasting dessert. Don’t get us wrong, packaging is important, it’s just not THE most important thing. How to look like a model starts with developing the confidence of who you are and we’ll try to provide insights that may be helpful in keeping the bigger picture at the forefront.

Second, we’ll provide beauty tips and insights that can help you develop your unique look. How to accentuate your highlights and minimize those areas that may not be quite as flattering. This will include information about skincare and beauty.

Third, don’t forget the beauty skin products. These quality beauty products can make all the difference in the world.

Fourth, if you’re considering a career in fashion modeling we provide you with the access to the resources that can help you get started. Fashion modeling is extremely difficult and competitive (and often heartbreaking) even for the most naturally gorgeous model so don’t let anyone fool you. We also provide links to books and resources that may be helpful.

Finally, you can dramatically improve “your look” not just by your new celebrity make-up and hairstyle, but also through clothes that communicate how special you really are. The emotional impact your clothes can have on you can’t be emphasized enough. You know the extra energy you have when you know you’re looking your best.

Beauty keeping it in perspective

Ever Seen an Anorexic Greek Goddess Statue?

No, because the voluptuous figure was idolized. The Greeks appreciated the natural curves of women, idealizing them as goddesses. For hundreds of years the full female silhouette has signified good health, richness, and fertility. All over the world, cultures attempted to capture the beauty of the female body in various forms. Centuries later we find evidence of their pursuit through myths, cave drawings and statues. Think of all the classical paintings featuring an exquisite hourglass shaped body, that would be considered plus size by today’s standards.

Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12. Her athletic, curvy body helped skyrocket her into fame making her one of the most known sex symbols for generations to come. Think about other sex symbols like pinup model, Betty Page, the sassy Italian actress Sophia Loren and the lovely Jane Russell. They were all incredibly beautiful, curvy, and most importantly confident women. Only recently has thin been in.Sometimes it’s hard to decipher what is the ‘norm’ and what we have been brainwashed into thinking is normal. What we see in magazines, television, movies and in department stores in not typical of the American woman. In the US, 62 % of women wear a size 12 or larger. Based off of our insecurities, companies make billions of dollars annually off of diet pills, miracle weight loss plans and trendy exercise equipment. These companies are not

promoting health. They are promoting a temporary fix that translates into a quick dollar in their pocket.

Don’t be a lab rat exposing your body to these products (many that have not been approved by the FDA) as a quick self-esteem boost. Remember, eating balanced, healthy meals and maintaining an active lifestyle is all a person needs. If you’d really like to lose weight for health concerns, invest in education. Teach yourself how to live a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Invest in you.

Celebrity Beauty Tips

If you have ever wondered how the celebrities manage to accomplish the perfect complexion, wonder no longer. That flawless look and smooth line can be accomplished at home with one simple step. Never again walk out of the house fearing your morning blemish will shine through your foundation by lunch time, this celebrity beauty trick will cover everything you have to hide.

Skin primer is the key to achieving and keeping the perfect face and is one of the top celebrity beauty tricks. Celebrities use the skin primer beauty trick to cover all blemishes and facial color differences. A skin primer is a silicone product that is applied between the skin and the foundation. Much like using a primer on a wall before painting, the skin primer will cover everything, leaving a smooth palette on which to apply other makeup.

When taking advantage of this celebrity beauty trick, make sure to apply the skin primer in a smooth, even coat. For deep scars or large blemishes, a second or third coat of primer may be needed to achieve the perfect skin look of the celebrities.

The next time you watch an awards show, take solace in the fact that the skin of these celebrities is not as perfect as it may seem. Skin primer is available to everyone and can move your skin from flawed to flawless in one easy step. More celebrity beauty tips can be found on How to Look the Best.

New Perspectives in Fashion Modeling – In the July 6th edition of The Wall Street Journal, an article appeared entitled “Can the Catwalk Be a Model for Change?”, by Marie Valla. This article discussed France’s efforts to provide fashion modeling jobs for her underprivileged second and third generation immigrants, mainly in Paris and other large cities, and the affects of this integration on the fashion modeling industry in France. One of the businesses that has led the way in this movement is Elite Model Management Corp. who recently held a fashion modeling casting call for aspiring young fashion and beauty models, with the only requirements being the age – fourteen to twenty years old – and height – at least five feet six inches tall. Among the hopefuls there were a number of young women of African, Arabic, and Asian descent. Moreover, in 2006, a French study concluded that the number of nonwhite fashion models, though only six percent, had doubled since the previous year. This is just one example of France’s desire to provide equal opportunity to their population without racial discrimination.

Aqua Fusion by Lancome

Review by Julie

Aqua Fusion by Lancome is a superb moisturizer specially formulated for normal to combination skin. This hydrating lotion is appropriate for oily skin; it is light and non-greasy. As you apply it to face and throat, its thin texture smooths on easily and moisturizes continuously without feeling heavy or slippery. Aqua Fusion contains SPF 15 and can be worn by itself or under makeup. When you apply this moisturizer after cleansing, you are providing much needed hydration necessary for all skin types. Your skin will feel clean and lustrous, and you will exude a radiance noticed by all.

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