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Tips on how to look prettier

tips on how to look prettier

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I'm assuming you're a girl. If you are a man then this might help you realize why there is a reason that men pay for most of things (since women need to spend so much money on looking good). )


This is the most important, and without it everything else means nothing. So you know, having a clean hair, showering and brushing your teeth regularly, cleaning your face, brushing your hair, smelling nice etc.

Also, don't save money on deodorants.


Make sure your face is as clean as possible. If you have white/black spots on your face then make sure you remove as much as many you can, matting your face if you have a greasy skin etc. That means cleaning it with tonic at least twice a day, using some creams if you need to, putting masks once a week. Which products you're going to use depends on your skin type, but you can find many useful Youtube videos or articles on Google on identifying your skin type and products that are good for that.

If you have a tight budget don't worry since there are many good but cheap products, some can be used for more than one thing and many can be replaced with some things you already have in your home.

I've seen many of my friends do this, they almost dig their skin with their hands, especially when they have pimples. DON'T DO THAT! It will make things worse, it can even leave scars and since there is a lot of bacteria in that, by popping it like that you will spread it and get even more pimples.

If you have more serious problems with your skin then visit a dermatologist.

Besides making sure your teeth are healthy, it's not a waste of money buying a good whitening toothpaste and if you can occasionally go to the dentist to get your teeth whiten, or use some at-home products for that. This will give you more confidence, and you will smile more which will do a lot for making you look prettier.


When it comes to your hair, use conditioner (or shampoo with conditioner) or some hair mask if you have more money to spend. Like I said, make sure your hair is clean (except when you really don't have much time, but I think you can always make time). Don't brush your hair while you have conditioner or when you just came out of the bathroom and it's still soaking wet (I've seen my friends do this, and it makes your hair break much more). Find a haircut that works for you, don't choose it based on what's popular or similar reasons. There are sites where you can upload a picture and change different haircuts and colors, so it could help you get some ideas and see what could work. Of course, you may need to experiment a little at first, make some mistakes, but eventually you will find what works for you best. About dying your hair, I'd say that in most cases the best is not to go very far from your natural hair color. If your hair is naturally black then it's highly unpractical to dye it blonde since you will have to do it very often, and it looks ugly when you skip that due to not having time. Also, if you have black hair, chances are, you won't look that good with blonde hair, not necessarily, but I've seen this hold in most cases. Also, if you don't have much money or/and time then there is no need to dye your hair. It's much better to leave it as it is instead of buying some cheap dyes that will destroy it. If you do have extra money to spend, then dye your hair, even if that means using the color of your natural hair. There are many dyes that will make your hair even prettier instead of destroying it (I would strongly recommend L'Oreal).

Body Hair

Don't go around with hair in your armpits if you're wearing a shirt, or legs that aren't shaved and a skirt. See if you prefer razors or wax or some different methods of hair removal. I myself prefer shaving since you don't have to wait for your hair to grow that much to remove it and everything can be smooth every day. Don't forget about mustache, don't ever go around having that, unless you really don't have time. When it comes to eyebrows my advice is just like when it comes to haircuts. Don't go for what your friends have, make sure you shape them so that they look nice with your face. This is very popular in my country, girls shave their eyebrows and then

draw them again or (oh my god) even tattoo them. PLEASE DON'T DO THAT! Your natural eyebrow shape is the one that suits you the best in most cases, just needs removing some extra hairs. I prefer shaved arms, but I guess that depends on you.


Exercise, make sure you have a nice body, doesn't have to be perfect, but don't be fat or skinny fat. You will be happy with the way you look and have more confidence.

Use hydrating creams. The other option is to use shower creams such as Dove that will get you clean and eliminate the need for creams after shower. This also means that you don't have to wear perfume every day if you find some cream that smells nice.


Make sure your hands and feet look well. You don't need to get this things in some saloon but don't have dirty nails or something like that. Nail polish is a nice thing, and it's always nice to use some colors that are neutral since they go with almost every clothes you wear. I strongly recommend Rimmel nail polish since it dries off very fast (1-2 min) and it stays forever, so you don't need to waste time on that. Don't have nails that are too big or with those sharp edges since you will look like a prostitute with those.

Use hand cream if there is need for it in the winter.


Play with what you're wearing, make your clothes tell the story of who you are and use them to express your creativity. Also (I'm like a broken record here) don't pick clothes based on what's popular at the moment (it's a waste of money too since you have to buy new things every season), create your own style. And of course, wear stuff that are flattering, make sure what you're wearing looks good on your body. This comes from seeing so many girls wearing short shirts when they are in fact fat and similar.

Don't show too much skin, be sexy but don't look cheap.


Don't wear too much makeup. If you follow the advice about your face given above then you won't need any kind of powder, maybe just a bb cream or something light like that. What's your best feature? Your eyes? Then use a bit makeup on your eyes, such as eyeliner and some mascara and if you want add a little eye shadow in some neutral color that looks good with your eye color. If lips are your best feature then use some rouge and mascara and you're good to go. Use makeup to make your natural beauty show, don't use it to change who you are.

Food habits

Eat healthy and drink a lot of water. This will make your body look much nicer and you will have more energy. Also, take vitamin B complex and vitamin C if you don't get enough of those in your diet. Vitamins B are great for your hair, skin and nails, and vitamin C will give you that healthy glow.

Drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep is very important for you, and not just for making you more beautiful. You probably won't have problems with dark circles around your eyes if you get enough of both, but you can always use concealer to hide them if they are still there.

To summarize, the point is to make yourself look nice without makeup by being healthy and taking good care of yourself.

Also, there are always some comments such as "You don't need anything you are beautiful just the way you are bla bla" and that's just a bunch of crap. Of course, all of the above is worthless if you are dumb, or always negative and never smile and stuff like that, but when you take so much care about yourself then you will appreciate it, at least for the work that you've put into all that and that will give you confidence.

You see, there is a lot of work just to make sure you look like you are beautiful without any effort, and yes, of course, it's much easier to say "Oh I am beautiful even though I have 100kg" instead of going through all that work. You can be beautiful if you want to, you just need to spend a lot of time and work a lot in order to achieve that, but the first thing that has to be done is to admit that some things are beautiful and some are just not.

Women that make men turn heads and other women are jealous of come in very specific shapes and sizes.

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