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Tips on how to lose some weight

tips on how to lose some weight


Best Answer: Eating several (5-6) small portion meals of everyday healthy food per day, along with exercise, will burn calories faster and build your metabolism in a short period of time, without dieting or counting calories.

You will lose an average of 2 lbs per week


raw veggies

boiled eggs


Always eat a good dinner (small portions). fish/meat (bake, broil, grill) potatoes/pasta/rice, veggie. your body needs carbs, protein and vitamins to stay healthy. cooking with olive oil is best.

Low calorie sweets. sugarless candy, ginger snap cookies,

fig bars, 100% juice popsicles

Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses per day)

Drink milk (low fat) or 100% juice/water with every meal

(no soda pop or flavored drinks)

Stay away from munchies,

fried & fatty foods (no fast-food)

Never eat before going to bed

"Daily" simple and cardio exercise like walking/hiking running, biking, kick boxing, swimming, jumping jacks, aerobics, dancing or playing any games that uses a ball will shed pounds, tone your body and keep it fit.

Food is fuel, energy for the body, if you don't exercise to burn the energy, it turns to fat. fasting or skipping meals lowers your metabolism and forces the body to hold on to calories/fat, causing headaches, fatigue and weakness. weight loss pills damage your organs leading to diabetes, kidney and heart disease, even death.

Losing weight at a healthy pace and exercising everyday you will feel and look so good.

Here is a great site to target specific muscle groups for abs, hips, butt.

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