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How to Make a Boy Baby – Tips For Conceiving a Boy

tips on how to make a baby boy

When you have a family consisting only of girls, some couples will feel so desperate that they will attempt to learn how to make a boy baby rather than leaving matters to chance. This in no way at all alters their feelings towards their daughters but comes from a true desire to balance out their families.

Fortunately, there are a number of tips which can naturally help you to make a boy baby and these are based on sound scientific principles. Your chances can be improved dramatically by following some simple steps.

The man’s sperm determines whether a baby is a boy or girl. Male sperm are smaller than female sperm and move faster. In addition, they do not survive as long as female sperm. This means that if you have intercourse as near to ovulation as possible, the chances are that the male sperm will reach the ready-and-waiting egg faster

than the slower female sperm.

Having intercourse a few days prior to ovulation will increase the chances of you having a girl as by the time ovulation happens, the male sperm will have died off, with the female sperm awaiting the release of the egg. Ovulation kits can be very useful to help determine the point of ovulation so intercourse can be timed perfectly.

Deeper penetration during intercourse can help facilitate the conception of a boy. This is because the area near to the cervix is alkaline and this can favor the survival of the male sperm.

Diet can also play a part. If you would like to conceive a boy, try eating a diet rich in dairy products, and salty (but not dangerously high levels!) foods. In addition, women who eat at least the recommended daily amount of calories for their height are more likely to have a boy.

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