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How to Squirt – 5 things you should know

The clitoris is the center-point for a woman’s ejaculation. So if your clitoris is not stimulated, you might not reach the climax of your arousal. Consequently, your paraurethral glands may not be completely filled with fluid to make the pelvic muscle contract and make you squirt. Well, according to many women, it’s a man’s task to make you squirt. But that’s not, in any way, true since any woman can make herself squirt. All you need is some basic tips and you’re set to give yourself an orgasm of a lifetime. Then here’s how to squirt 5 steps.

Get yourself comfortable for squirt

Before you begin doing anything, you’ll have to get yourself more comfortable. Start by putting away all distractions. After that, play some soft music in the background and, if possible, drink a little wine to set yourself in the mood. Whatever you do, just ensure that the environment is safe and better for your arousal, activity and that there’s nothing to distract you while at it.

Learn to stimulate your G-spot

You can now go ahead and stimulate your G-spot. All you need to get started is your fingers; or maybe, a dildo or a vibrator. In fact, fingers are more recommended for the task because they’re firm and flexible at the same time.

But if you feel like your fingers are not long enough to stimulate your clitoris, just get a dildo or a vibrator and use it instead. You can start by stroking your clitoris gently and then slowly; then, gradually increase the rate until you’re completely aroused. And until you get the urge of peeing, just keep working out.

For the multi-orgasmic. How to

If you’re multi-orgasmic, then you’ll have to work out a number of

orgasms before you can eventually squirt. And since you’ll be dealing with a dry virginal wall after each orgasm, then get yourself a flavored lube to help you stroke your G-spot.

Using your finger or dildo, stroke the G-spot gently then vigorously as you apply the lube after each subsequent orgasm.

To make it faster, watch yourself in a mirror as you try to work out yourself. At this point, your primary goal should be to reach your ultimate arousal. So keep going until you finally feel like peeing.

Feeling to pee

Most women before they finally cum, usually feel like they need to pee. That’s because both ejaculation and peeing will demand that you relax your pelvic muscle as well as the bladder sphincter. So, if you feel like peeing at this point, that’s definitely not pee but an urge to ejaculate. By pushing out the urge, you certainly be giving yourself room to ejaculate.

Ejaculation : How to squirt

To get a squirt, you may be required to work out a few organisms. If your G-spot is too sensitive, you’ll find that it’s too hard to tolerate its stimulation, especially when you’re too close to orgasm.

Regardless of the intensity of the stimulation, just don’t stop; continue to massage your urethra and the clitoris — That’s how you squirt. Continue stroking the G-spot until you reach your orgasm. By doing this and combining the procedure with lots of teasing, you’ll definitely get the greatest urge and an ejaculation that you’ll always live to remember. But for the orgasm, just relax your bladder and push the urge out like you normally do when peeing. In the process, you’ll experience the greatest squirt –one that’s very new and has a strong sensation.

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