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Tips on how to make a good speech

tips on how to make a good speech

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Prepare well to perform well. This is the key to every successful speech. Research your topic thoroughly. Make notes of important concepts or topics, with details and facts from reputable sources backing up each of these.

Write the main points of your speech on note cards. This will be handy in case you momentarily freeze or lose your train of thought while speaking. Writing your speech will also help you remember it later.

Practice until you are completely comfortable with your speech. Read through your speech until you recite it almost from memory. Practice in the mirror to see yourself from the audience's perspective. Rehearse your speech for friends or family if possible and ask for feedback.

Speak clearly and

loudly. Unless you will have a microphone, you will have to speak up to be heard in even a moderately sized gathering. Make certain you speak clearly and slowly enough to be understood. Many people have a tendency to rush nervously through a speech or to speak in a monotone, making it very difficult to engage the listeners.

Arrange your speech for optimal learning. Rhymes, humor, repetition, alliteration, lists and contrasts contribute to a good speech by increasing retention. Don't overdo it, but include these elements when justified to help the audience remember main points.

Structure your speech in a straightforward and simple manner. Be direct and use short sentence structure. Don't ramble or carry on meaninglessly. Keep your speech reasonably short to avoid losing the audience.

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