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Tips on how to make a poem

tips on how to make a poem

Evaluation Criteria:



  • Present yourself well and be attentive. Use good posture. Look confident.
  • Use eye contact with the entire audience. Don’t focus solely on the judges.
  • Nervous gestures, poor eye contact with the audience, and lack of poise or confidence will detract from your score.
  • Relax and be natural. Enjoy your poem—the judges will notice. 

Qualities of a strong recitation:


Keep in Mind: Contestants will use a microphone at the National Finals.


  • Project to the audience. Capture the attention of everyone, including the people in the back row. However, don’t mistake yelling for good projection.
  • Proceed at a fitting and natural pace. Avoid nervously rushing through the poem. Do not speak so slowly that the language sounds unnatural or awkward or to create a false sense of drama.
  • With rhymed poems, be careful not to recite in a sing-song manner.
  • Make sure you know how to pronounce every word in your poem. Articulate.
  • Line breaks are a defining feature of poetry. Decide whether a break requires a pause and, if so, how long to pause.

Qualities of a strong recitation:

Video Examples:


Recitation is about conveying a poem’s sense with its language. A strong performance will rely on a powerful internalization of the poem rather than distracting dramatic gestures. You represent the poem’s voice, not a character’s. You must enhance the understanding and enjoyment of the poem without overshadowing the language.


Qualities of a strong recitation:

The dramatization subtly underscores the meaning of the poem without becoming the focal point. A low score in this category will result from recitations that have affected character voices and accents, inappropriate tone and inflection, singing, distracting and excessive gestures, or unnecessary emoting.

Video Examples:


This category

is to evaluate your comprehension and mastery of the poem. The poet’s words should take precedence, and you should be able to voice them in a way that helps the audience to understand the poem better. To do this, you must effectively use intonation, emphasis, tone, and style of delivery.


Qualities of a strong recitation:

The meaning of the poem is powerfully and clearly conveyed to the audience. The interpretation deepens and enlivens the poem. Meaning, themes, allusions, irony, tones of voice. and other nuances are captured by the performance. A low score will be awarded if the interpretation obscures the meaning of the poem.

Video Examples:


This category is to evaluate the degree to which the recitation has become more than the sum of its parts.

  • Did you captivate the audience with the language of the poem? 
  • Did you bring the audience to a better understanding of the poem? 
  • Did your physical presence, voice and articulation, and dramatic appropriateness all seem on target and unified to breathe life into the poem? 
  • Did you understand and show mastery of the art of recitation? 

Judges may also consider the poem complexity and range of your recitations with this score; you are less likely to score well in overall performance when judges note that your style of interpretation remains the same regardless of poem choice. A low score will be awarded for recitations that are poorly presented, ineffective in conveying the meaning of the poem, or conveyed in a manner inappropriate to the poem.


A separate judge will mark missed or incorrect words during the recitation, with small deductions for each. If you rely on the prompter during your recitation, points will also be subtracted from your accuracy score. Eight points will be added to your score for a perfectly accurate recitation. Refer to the accuracy score sheet  for details.

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