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Easy Tips on How to Manage Your Small Business Blog

It is challenging to manage a blog, especially for small business owners. But since it’s a crucial ingredient in effective marketing, you’ve no choice but to stick to it and make sure that you do your damn best.

Problem is there are many small business owners who are new to blogging. And as much as they like to be good at it, they can’t. In fact, even those who’ve had blogging experience can still find it hard to manage and maintain a blog.

But don’t worry, there are ways to help you manage your small business blog .

Know that it’s essential to growing your business

You need to blog to ensure that: (1) your  customers and followers are updated with your business; (2) you establish yourself (or brand) as an authority in your niche industry; and (3) you maintain a good ranking in Google, which is important in getting more customers.

It might be too overwhelming and, at times, burdensome, but when you know how big of an impact it has on your business, then you’d have no choice but to do it.

Make sure to have clear-set goals

Doing something without clear goals is not going to give you the results you want. If you’re having problems keeping up, it could be due to not having a plan.

What do you wish to achieve with your blog? How do you plan to improve business with it?

List down your goals first. That should make it easier for you to determine how to use blogging for marketing. It’ll help you identify the type of blog you need, how often to update it, and the kind of content it needs.

Make time for it

Your blog won’t update itself. You need to set time to put something in it. Even though you have a very busy schedule, it shouldn’t be too hard to squeeze in 30 minutes a day working on a blog post.

If you set aside that much time for 5 days, then you’ll have a decent blog post by the end of the week.

It’s easy to manage your small business blog when you stick to a


Seek help from more experienced bloggers

When you really feel that you have too much on your plate or your skills aren’t that good, then seek help from more experienced people. Today, it’s easy to get someone to write for your blog.

Hire a ghost writer or invite guest bloggers. You can ask friends or post ads on different job sites. This will take a huge burden off your shoulders. Just make sure that you check the stuff writers send. Be on top of the content creation.

Use tried-and-tested methods

One thing you mustn’t do is try and fix what isn’t broken. Although you might feel the need to do something drastically different to stand out, remember that tested methods work for a reason. And if you want to get the right foot in the door, there’s no use trying to reinvent the wheel.

Save it for the future, when you’ve gained enough knowledge, experience, and skills. For now, stick to what works.

Be ready to capture every idea for blog posts

Great ideas come unexpectedly. Most of the time, they’ll come to you at weird times, so you need to be ready to take note of them. Have a notebook or your iPhone or tablet devices where you can jot down the ideas because it’s very likely that you won’t remember them. Capture the ideas as they come.

Be on blogger mode all the time.

Look for something enjoyable in blogging

Things are easier when you’re having a fun time. This is very important. Find something enjoyable in your blogging efforts so you don’t have to feel forced in doing it. It could be anything–the part where you brainstorm for ideas or editing what writers send you or marketing the new blog post.

Remember that blogging is fun. It may feel laborious a lot of times, but you’ll soon realize that it’s very enjoyable.

These things will definitely help you manage your small business blog a lot better. In time–with a lot of hard work and dedication–you’ll see a huge return on investment.

Share your thoughts, experiences, or tips on how you manage your small business blog in the comments section below.

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