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Tips on how to ollie higher

tips on how to ollie higher

There are some ways to get a higher ollie and I'm about to give them to you. I studied quite a bit of Professional Ollies by the Pro's and found out some great new foot positions and different ways to get them higher.

1.) Have your back foot on tail but only have your toes on the board and move your foot further back to the heel side of the board. Also angle your foot so its at an inward 45 degree angle.

2.)When you Jump up you should be standing as tall as you can be (but still on the board) before you pop and slide your foot up. This will give you more time to get higher.

3.) I can't stress this out anymore. JUST FKING JUMP HIGHER. On youtube there's videos of teens asking how to get a higher ollie when the only jump up 6 inches and complain why its so low. JUMP HIGHER.

4.)When you're on the board at your tallest point (before you pop and slide) you should aim on getting a FAST and HARD pop. You should be using about 70% ankle and 30% leg to pop. If you pop quicker the board will stick to you more causing you to level out better which will get your ollies higher.

5.) Suck your knees up! The board will not go higher then your feet. So if you want to ollie higher, get your feet higher. Its that easy. Try to slam your knees right into your chest.

6.) Instead of having your front foot behind the bolts, try to have it an inch or two behind the center of your board.

7.) Try to slide

your foot up slower so you can level out at your highest point. Not Too slow or else you'll level out when you're coming down and back to the ground.

8.) A mental note, before you ollie think of all the tips you've heard and apply them to this ollie instead of blindly rushing in there and bailing. Also before you ollie something try to have a mental picture of you landing it, it'll help you commit to it.

9.) I find a good method to practice getting high ollies is to ollie decks. Its difficult to get injured ollie a deck since if you can't get that high your wheel or tail with just clip it and you'll keep going. The only time you'll get hurt is when you pussy out. So suck in yo chest and ollie that deck. Keep practicing getting that ollie over a deck, then go two decks. then three then all the way up till you can't go any further.

10.) When sliding your front foot on the grip tape try to slide as VERTICAL as you can to get higher and get higher faster. If you just slide up a bit and quite a bit forwards then the board won't get very high.

Just a small tip for the landing:

Try to lean forwards and keep a little more pressure on your back foot then your front. Also keep your shoulders PARALLELto the board or else it'll do a Frontside Ollie. You'll get higher if you keep straight.

I hope this has gotten your ollies higher. So far I've gotten my ollies from literally a deck to about 3 decks in just under 2 weeks.:drool:

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