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Tips on how to organize your closet

tips on how to organize your closet

"If you have a nice size closet, then having the shoes on shelves organized by color is key!" insists Wirkus. "If they can't fit side by side, put one shoe in back and the other in front. Or stacked on top of each other. There are metal rods that you can buy that snuggle in between the shoes so they sit on top of each other and don't fall over. You can also store shoes in clear boxes or cubbies that stack on top of each other

but are open in the front for easy access."

Invest in Good Hangers

Color is just the beginning, says Wirkus. "Everything should be organized by style and then within the style organized by color. This will make getting dresses in the morning a breeze!"

Store Things by Category

How to Store Handbags

"Try and store handbags on shelves by size and color," says Wirkus. "Stuff your big, slouchy shoulder bags with bubble wrap or tissue paper so they don't lose their shape!"

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