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How to Organize Your Room: 5 Easy Tips to Get You Started

How to Organize Your Room

How to Organize Your Room

Whatever room or space you are organizing, these 5 tips will help you get started.

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Benjamin Franklin

Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, pantries, play rooms, family rooms, living rooms, entrance spaces or closets, mud rooms, linen closets, cleaning closets, sheds, and garages make it pretty obvious as to what items are to be located in those spaces.

However, if you have any ‘catch-all’ spaces—like an old bedroom cum storage room or a one time sewing or hobby room that now creates clutter instead of magic, these are the spaces that will challenge your organizational skills. Let’s make it easy.

“You’re only as good as your tools.” The same goes for organization. Your space can only be as organized as the ‘tools’ you use to organize it. Shelves, hooks, bins, rods, bookcases, drawers, etc. These are your tools. If you do not have the appropriate ones, organizing anything becomes a challenge. So don’t be reluctant to spend money on organizing your space. It’s a MUST. More on this later. Now pay attention please…

How to Organize Your Room and Create Peace of Mind

1. Choose ONLY ONE SPACE or ROOM at a time. The key to knowing how to organize your room  depends on how much you’re ready to take on. It may start with just a drawer or shelf. That’s okay. If you’re ready for something bigger, start with a closet. The point is not to get overwhelmed. Once you have one small success under your belt, you will be motivated to take on more and more. Be kind to yourself, especially if organization has been a challenge for you.

2. Follow the ‘4 BOX’ RULE. Have one box each for TRASH, GIVE AWAY, KEEP & RELOCATE. Have these 4 boxes or bags ready to collect everything that is now trash ; something you are ready to give away  either to family, friends or donate to your favorite charity; something you’d like to keep for yourself; or something that you can relocate  in your house to make it feel new again.

3. Ask for HELP. If the project is larger than you know you can handle on your own, ASK for help, especially if you have any doubts about how to organize a room. In kind, return the favor by feeding them or offering them something to ‘drink’ in appreciation. Not only will they assist you with their muscles, their eyes can provide an objective ‘point of view’

and offer up suggestions as to which box to put it in. An important side note here is that having someone else with you while you purge, enables you to tell all the stories related to each article, making it easier to let go of them for good.

4. Set a DEADLINE. Pretend you are moving house and set a move out date. Treat the deadline like it’s real and you will act accordingly. Have you ever heard of Parkinson’s Law? It states that ‘work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion’, so if you don’t set a deadline, that storage room you decided to organize will take forever if you let it. Make it a game if you’d like and challenge yourself to complete the task in the real time that you’d like to see it done. Have fun with it and know that you can reset the deadline, but don’t tell anyone I told you that!

5.  Take INVENTORY. Remember, it always looks worse, before it looks better. You have to pull everything out to see what you have, sort it into 1 of the 4 boxes and put the rest back in the right place. Pretend like you’re running your house like a business and it’s year end and you’ve got to do inventory. Doing this is the first step in knowing how to organize your room successfully because THIS is what organizing like a BOSS looks like. Don’t let anyone come down on you for making it look worse than it was…just ask them to critique you when it’s finished and not a second earlier.

In the end, taking inventory of what you’ve got and putting it in the right place(a place where you will easily find it)will save you heaps of money and time in the long run. What happens to most people is because they don’t know what they’ve got, they end up buying the same things over and over again! Seriously…let’s stop the madness. Start getting organized. Cut through the clutter and help your mind get clear and calm. They say that people’s outward environment is a reflection of what’s going on inside. You know you’ve been wanting to do this for ages, so just DO IT! Baby steps at first is okay. Just start.

Staying organized is an investment in you; your time and money will greatly appreciate it. For all your organizing needs check out the following stores:,,,,,, just to name a few;)

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