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Are you getting ready to start painting your home or staining your deck but you don't know where to begin? Check the following areas for in-depth information on how to paint just about anything inside or outside your home.

Featured How-To Information

Videos: How to Paint from A to Z

A fresh coat of paint is a simple, cost-effective way of revitalizing the look of your home. Watch our how-to-paint video series to learn how to get great results from Master Builder Karl Champley.

Other How-To Information

  • Painting Outdoor Furniture

    Give your exterior furniture an easy makeover with our beautiful paint colors and create an updated, fresh new look.

    Learn How »
  • How to Paint over Wallpaper

    You don't have to remove your old wallpaper to paint your walls. Follow these steps to get the best results.

    Learn How »
  • Painting Techniques

    Learn how to work with decorative paint, stain your deck, and use special techniques to paint with Aura® and Regal®.

    Watch Videos »
  • Interior Painting

    Learn how to paint a room and get professional-looking results with these step-by-step instructions.

    Learn More »
  • Exterior Painting

    Rejuvenate the exterior of

    your home by applying a new coat of paint.

    Learn More »
  • Faux and Decorative Finishes

    Find easy instructions for a wide variety of faux and decorative finish painting techniques.

    Learn More »
  • Exterior Wood & Deck Staining

    Learn how to make the most of the wood surfaces in your home by staining them.

    Learn More »
  • Paint Calculator

    Estimate how much paint you'll need to complete any painting job, whether it is interior or exterior.

    Calculate Paint Amounts »
  • Hiring a Painter

    If you're not ready to learn how to paint your house, find out what you need to know before hiring a painting contractor.

    Learn More »
  • Paint Color Samples

    Gain color confidence by seeing the paint colors you like on the actual surfaces and under the real lighting conditions in your home.

    Learn About Color Samples »
  • Interior Problem Solver

    Find the latest information on painting techniques that can help you correct, and prevent common interior paint problems.

    Learn More »
  • Exterior Problem Solver

    All paint problems are correctable. Find painting tips and techniques to help you correct the most common exterior paint problems.

    Learn More »

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