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Tips on how to paint your nails

tips on how to paint your nails

How to paint your nails

The final stage of manicure – drawing on nails polish. The choice of color nail polish – a matter of taste, you only need to remember that bright varnish looks impressive on long manicured nails, in other cases it is better to choose less flashy colors. Luck must be sufficiently liquid so easily applied to the nail.

Luck has not only aesthetic, but also the barrier properties, protecting nails from external influences, helps to maintain the nail plate in a healthy condition, protects it from breakage and delaminating, strengthens nails.

But the rights to make up nails are not so simple. Makeup for nails – an art. As with skin care should start with cleansing, preferably no more than twice a week. Remember: do not spoil the nail varnish or a liquid to remove it, and they contain acetone and toluene. So be careful when buying tools for nail polish remover, and always pay attention to their composition.

Painting nails is more convenient if you put a soft hand on the stand – a small pillow or folded towel.

To paint will not discolor nails and does not leave indelible stains on the front of a colored nail varnish is applied to the transparent reinforcing basis. Many base lacquers contain in its composition products, strengthens nails, stimulates their growth. It can be ceramides, vitamins A, E, provitamin B5. All they strengthen nails. On the basis of the usual nail-colored lacquer goes much smoother and lasts longer.

Nail color is more convenient to start with the little finger. Varnish is applied to a broad stroke – from top to bottom, in the middle, from base

to tip. Then the nail is painted with two sure strokes on each side. Excess lacquer is removed with a brush.

Initially, all covered by the first layer of the nails, and after the layer is dry, is applied next. Finally, a layer anchor clear coat as paint dries and will soon firmer hold.

Tips for manicure

• Manicure at least once every 7-10 days.

• Do not use the means of nail polish remover containing acetone.

• Do not cut the skin at the base of the nail. Use special tools to remove it.

• Do not cut deep edge of the nail.

• File nails in one direction only, from the edges toward the center.

• If possible, use a non-metallic sawing.

• Nail polish is not too often that they do not become too brittle.

• Varnish is applied only on clean, dry nails.

• Do not forget the nail base.

• Even being late, do not blow on the nail so that it dries quickly, as it will not fade and be kind.

And further. Do not forget about good nutrition. Vitamins A (fruits and vegetables), in (fruit and liver), E (wheat germ, egg yolk), calcium (cheese, milk, yogurt), zinc (seafood, root), magnesium (dried fruits, brown rice) can help your body and your nails resist the harmful effects of the environment.

In bеаutіfуіng уоur nаіlѕ, nаіl varnish саn do a lоt to give уоur hands and fееt a different look. If you are looking for cheap but elegant nail varnish then must checkout our huge collection of discounted Nail Varnish UK . Embedded data.

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