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20+ Tips On How To Pass Successfully A Job Interview

After writing the best possible CV for the desired job, you have to know about Step Two: how to pass successfully the job interview. Your information has impressed the possible employer enough, so now you are invited to meet him/her. How are you supposed to behave? What to be careful about?

What to say, what to avoid? We are here to help you pass successfully through the labyrinth of questions, answers, and various riddles you might bump into. Take it easy! Just follow the next 20 Tips On How To Pass Successfully A Job Interview…

  1. First (and the most important!), research the website of the company in question. It is of crucial importance for you to know everything about its activities, preferences, purpose, and aims. Then use the same language, or similar words, even quotations. This is an old psychological trick in the business world. Speak in their own language and you will look more professional, more trustworthy. In two words: the background knowledge will make you look really serious!
  2. If it is possible, learn the name of the person who will lead your interview. Learn about his/her role in the company. If it is possible, read some texts written by him/her. And read again Tip #1. This will definitely help you improve the dialogue. But, please, be careful: no one loves parrots, at least not during job interviews. They can be wonderful pets, but only in very different circumstances!
  3. Try to predict the questions and practice your answers in advance. This will not only make you better prepared for whole the thing, but it will also relieve the tension you might feel. After all, you want to look calm and reasonable, don’t you?
  4. Show your best sides and talk about your success… but be ready to reveal a small weakness. You might be asked such question. Do not go into too many details, but be prepared that no one will believe you, if you look too tough. We all do mistakes! If you bump into such a tricky question, the most important it is to take a deep breath… and find the balance. Here is a good time to use some sense of humor!
  5. Use your sense of humor! Usually the most of the candidates are quite stressed, and all of us prefer to work with

    energetic, easy-going persons who will pass through the possible problems with a smile and professionalism! Don’t you? Of course, do not overdo the things. You know.

  6. Ask some questions! This will allow your possible employer to notice that you are a truly interested… and thinking person who takes the things seriously.
  7. Try to avoid cliches. Everyone is bored with them, and you want to make an impression.
  8. Be on time! There is not much more here to be said!
  9. Dress up adequately. The first impression is the most important one. Look serious, but not stagnated, or too interested in your appearance.
  10. Be yourself!
  11. Listen carefully and pay attention.
  12. Try to sit in good position, remember to keep your back straight. This creates good impression, too.
  13. Think twice before you speak. Do not be late, do not make long pauses, but be careful what words you use.
  14. Sell yourself in the best possible way. Remember that the interview is a simple conversation, not interrogation. Remain as calm, as possible, and show your best sides (again).
  15. Take notes. In this way you will show your possible employer that you really take it serious.
  16. No phone calls, please! Turn your mobile phone off.
  17. Avoid talking about money, unless they ask you. Now it is the time for your to focus on your qualifications and skills. Show the company what you can give, then think of what you can take. Do not forget that exactly like you they are concerned about their own interests. If they ask you about the salary you want, state that you will be glad to work for what’s being offered in the legal limit.
  18. Never say bad things about your previous boss!
  19. Do not smoke and drink before the interview. You are a driver after all!
  20. Read again the driving rules – there might be test questions. If there is a driving course, show the best of yourself – listen carefully and act accordingly.
  21. Allow your true personality shine! After all, you are an unique human being – show the best, do the best, hope for the best… and if nothing happens, NEVER lose heart! Just try again. After all, it has been a good experience. The next time you will make it better!

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