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"Discover how to pass exams easily and with

tips on how to pass exams

HIGHER GRADES - using the latest exam

technique study skills – to PASS ANY written

exams whether Math exams, Science exams, Language exams to…

… the General Knowledge exam."

"Learn the secrets of how to study effectively for any written exams from age 10 exams to degree level exams, professional exams and the teachers’ General Knowledge exams… with more EASE… more FUN… BETTER GRADES and in QUICKER TIME… using the LATEST PROVEN brain research and natural tools."

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Dear Friend,

If you'd like to develop your mind’s full potential . pass exams easily, quickly with fun and/or have instant skills for life success. then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

The truth is, knowing how to study effectively and how to pass exams with TOP grades. should be easy and fun. My own experience of helping others and myself turn failure to exam success - using the latest techniques and natural technology - shows it is possible to pass any written exams, including the General Knowledge Exam, in 28 days or less.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: I have a Master Practitioner of NLP diploma. studied under Dr Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP. NLP is used by Presidents, Olympic champions, advertisers, therapists and other GREAT achievers in life. It is now being used by TOP educators and Personal Development Trainers.

I also have a diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. In addition, I have attended a therapist workshop with Dr. Ernest Rossi, the eminent hypnotherapist, who was mentored and trained by Dr. Milton Erickson, founder of Advanced Hypnotherapy. I also have a Psychology B.Sc. (Hons) degree, 5 A’ Levels, 9 0’Levels and even a graduate conversion exam pass for ACCA (Accountancy training).

Thus, I am professionally qualified and experienced in helping others make the most of their brain. The reason I mention my other qualifications is that you may assume I was always one of those clever children, who could always pass exams quickly and easily. In actual fact, I was a failing pupil.

I will share with you how I changed the situation from being a failure to being top of the year in most subjects. This success continued into High School even though I still did not enjoy reading and studying was hard work and exam revision was boring.

I would often leave studying until the night before exam(s) due to my procrastination. This led me to know how to work late into the night, whilst still having an alert mind.

Reason two : It was not until I studied Psychology at University that I learnt about how the mind works and I learnt different techniques and tools to help me with studying and passing exams. The best part was that studying and knowing how to pass exams were now more fun, easier and quicker.

I had also improved my exam grades, in even my worst subjects like Pure Math. despite a full and active university life in sports, social clubs, student committees, travel and part-time work. In fact, it was my own wider research into making the best use of your brain and using more of your mind’s potential, which gave me these LIFE SUCCESSES and not just exam success.

My knowledge and life skills were improved further when I studied for my exam diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Then my Master NLP training and experience helped me to have more psychological tools to deal with overcoming limiting beliefs, increasing motivation, having instant states like more confidence etc. The workshop I did with Dr.Rossi was about learning and making the most of out of one’s brain.

Later on, I suffered a massive loss of brain functioning. From my peak mental performance and

mental abilities when I was editor of a business magazine, whilst having two small children, to having chronic tiredness, oversleeping, weight gain even though I was not overeating…

… being verbally inarticulate and being incapable of filling in even a simple form! My memory had deteriorated in all sorts of areas. The doctors could not help me, despite the battery of tests and examinations.

This forced me to take massive action now . One of the tools which helped me recover my brain functioning and gain energy was the natural binaural technology. As it has worked for me and many others (including children) to improve their brain, it is likely to improve your performance too . Then I was able to use my self-hypnosis and NLP knowledge to “un-create” these conditions.

My energy improved, I stopped gaining weight, I needed less sleep and my verbal, mental and memory skills all improved. (Sign up to the newsletter if you would like to know my diet secrets etc. that helped me with my energy as well as my brain.)

Reason three : I have used the knowledge I have about the mind’s potential as well as my own exam successes – some even with last minute revision - to help others. I have used these exam techniques, exam tips and exam strategies for my own student clients.

Remember that people tend to pay money to see a hypnotherapist when their situation is desperate and nothing else has worked. Or, because they realize the benefit of hypnotherapy for their personal development and to overcome any limitations they may have about exams. Or, overcome negative conditioning and negative beliefs in general!

See some testimonials below for “How To Pass Exams in 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System book, to help those of you who need proof or trust before you start something. Also, testimonials will serve to help your Unconscious Mind to know, understand and be reminded of what it is truly capable. Children’s names have been changed to protect minors.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

  1. The book is a 28 days or less program using the latest brain technology which means that it is a quick, versatile and proven program . making passing exams fun and easy.
  2. You will have a step-by-step, personal road map of getting from being even a failure to being an academic success, even with last minute revision, thanks to my own experience.
  3. Because of my professional background of hypnotherapy & Master NLP, you will benefit from definite and proven results.
  4. The book is based on research which means verified and precise results.
  5. Because a motivating story style is used rather than boring text style. this engages both side of your brain, giving you more powerful results.
  6. You’ll find revising easier, faster and more fun thanks to the book taking account of different learning styles.
  7. The book is suitable from age 10 to adults which means that it will be easy to read and understand.
  8. Thanks to the book having instant techniques means that you will have some instant results and benefits.
  9. You will gain long-term results with repeated readings and these are applicable to life success too.
  10. An additional benefit is that you will have better health and learning due to the stress relief techniques and tips found in the book.

As the book is a downloadable product, you can start applying the information right away!

The sooner you order right now, the sooner you will learn about other cutting-edge, practical information like effective time management. the importance of the correct type of rest, Smart reading, SmartMaps, Smart Memory System for exam emergencies, how to overcome negative beliefs, have mighty motivation, turning failure into success, Binaural CDs, beating procrastination, overcoming insomnia, goal achievement and MANY MORE topics in “How To Pass Exams in 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System ”

Don't take my word for it.

Listen to what our customers say.

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