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How To Pick Up Women In Bars With Confidence

Learn the Secret Reason Most Men Fail with Women and What You Can Do to Prevent Failure

Are you one of those guys who feels like he has no clue how to pick up women in bars and clubs?

If so, here’s a newsflash for you…

It’s MUCH easier than you think to pick women up in a bar — and odds are, you’re not making it happen right now because you’re afraid you’ll be REJECTED.

You think that the women you can meet in a bar or club will have their shields up after meeting so many dorky guys in a row… That they all have attitude and will shoot you down every chance they get… Sound about right?

Well here’s the second newsflash of the day for you:

Once you can face the REALITY of the situation and deal with it, you’ll start having success with picking up women in bars and clubs like you never thought possible.

The fact is, I have ONE GOLDEN RULE… it not only applies to how to pick up women in bars, but will also change EVERYTHING for you next time you want to approach a a woman…

Here’s the GOLDEN RULE:

Stop caring what women think of you.

That’s all there is to it.

Do just this one thing, and you’ll be blown away by how easy it is to meet women in bars and clubs — and walk away with more dates than you can handle.

I know… sounds easier said then done, right?

I also know that a lot of the guys who know how to pick up women in bars use rather interesting and complex techniques that range from “pick up lines” to magic and psychic readings.

Makes me queasy just thinking about it. But here’s what I want YOU to understand right now…

My experience starting conversations with women in bars is that your ENERGY makes a huge impact. If you walk over and immediately act nervous and stilted when trying to pick up women… because you’re scared of REJECTION… women will shut down and act cold.

But if you act like you’re having a good time and come across like a confident man, women will be FAR more likely to be friendly and open.

After that, once you actually start talking, it’s CRUCIAL that your conversation be exciting and entertaining right out of the gate. In other words…AVOID ROUTINE CONVERSATION AT ALL COSTS.

Unlike a date where you can afford a boring moment, when you’re trying to pick up women in bars or in a club, you have to be constantly increasing her attraction for you, or she’ll move on to the next guy.

So when you’re trying to pick up women in bars, don’t talk about work, business, politics, religion, or family… EVEN IF you share these things in common. If you find yourself entering the “boring zone,” change the subject fast – and turn it around in funny, cocky way.

Here’s one that comes to mind right away:

Pick up your drink and walk over to

a woman’s table while thinking of the funniest moment of your life. That will put a mile on your face as you say to her, “What, are you shy or something?”

When she acts all confused and says, “NO, why?” you answer, “Because I’ve been sitting at the next table for at least a half hour, and you haven’t come over to say hi to me!”

After you’ve opened up the conversation this way, immediately begin to take control of the situation. Ramp up her interest and intrigue by “shifting the power” from her to you.


Easy… ESPECIALLY when you’re trying to pick up women in bars and clubs.


There’s so much going on around you. One of my favorite ways to “shift the power” in this situation goes like this:

Tell her you want to set her up on a date. Pick out some funny looking guys for her in the club. Then ask her pick out some girls for you.

This puts ALL the pressure back on her, making her work to keep YOU around and entertained.

Of course, you can also always fall back on a few simple games that women especially find engaging, too.

For example, when trying to pick up women in bars, find a guy who’s trying to hit on a girl who’s obviously not into him, and rag on him. Or find a guy who’s checking out the woman you’re interested in, or the guy with the dorkiest outfit… and bust on them.

You can also try one called “Favorites.” You just go back and forth with the woman naming your favorite things. Your favorite ice cream, restaurants, etc.

Spice it up by taking it to the extreme… ask her, what’s the craziest experience she’s ever had in a restaurant, or the most bizarre food she’s ever tried, etc.

Oh and by the way… if she asks you what the craziest place you’ve ever had sex — ka-ching. You’re doing great.

Go ahead and answer, then ask her what’s the craziest POSITION she’s ever had sex in. This will get a laugh when she’s too shy to answer, and you’ll come across as even more cool and experienced than her.

You get the picture.

It’s all about showing you’re IN CONTROL and have NO FEAR.

But of course, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how to pick up women in bars… or anywhere else.

If you want to MASTER the skill of picking up women to the point that you can start conversations with any woman, anywhere, and leave them with an EXTREMELY intense desire to see you again… then you need to learn how to take things to the next level by CREATING ATTRACTION.

And that’s what my “Double Your Dating eBook” is all about.

It’s packed with powerful tips that you can start using TONIGHT in bars… clubs… coffee shops… supermarkets. wherever. And best of all, you can DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW, entirely risk free, to get started.

Here’s the link. Go get it:

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