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tips on how to play bejeweled

How to play Bejeweled!

Welcome to Bejeweled! This new Chrome-exclusive version is written in HTML5 to allow for amazing new graphics and special effects. Enjoy this puzzle classic from PopCap!

The goal of Bejeweled is to swap pairs of gems in order to create sets of three or more.

The main game screen is an 8 x 8 grid of gems. Swap gems with adjacent gems to make lines of three. When a match is made, the matched gems disappear, allowing more gems to fall into the board from above. Make matches of 4 or more to create powerful Special Gems. The game ends when you run out of moves (in Classic Mode) or when you run out of time (in Speed Mode).

Swap gems either by clicking on a gem and dragging it left, right, up or down (no diagonal moves) or by clicking one gem and then clicking on an adjacent gem. Gems can only be moved if the move makes a match.

Unlike in earlier versions of Bejeweled, it is possible to make matches while gems are falling in from previous matches. Use this ability for extra speed!

Special Gems

Making matches of particular types can convert gems into Special Gems.

  • Flame Gems are created by making a line of 4 gems. Flame Gems explode when matched, destroying themselves along with all eight surrounding gems.
  • Hypercubes are created by making a line of 5 gems. Hypercubes can be matched to any adjacent gem regardless of color, in order to destroy all gems of that color on the board.
  • Star Gems are created by making a T- or L-shaped match. Star Gems, when matched, send explosive bolts of energy right, left, up and down, destroying all gems on those lines.
  • Supernova Gems are created by making a line of 6 gems (it's possible!). Create one and match it to see what they do!

When you make a match, new gems fall in from above. Sometimes those gems themselves match as soon as they land. This is a cascade, and it counts toward the original match. Cascades can stack; that is, a cascade can trigger another cascade, which can trigger another cascade, and so on.

To the left of the game board is a Hint button. Clicking it will indicate a match somewhere on the board. Clicking the Hint button costs you nothing other than time.

As you play games, your overall score totals are added to a running total. As you hit certain benchmarks, your overall rank goes up. There are 131 rank levels ranging from Novice to Elder Bejewelian.

Speed mode is a fast-paced mode for power Bejewelers who

crave excitement. Speed is a timed mode; the game ends when you run out of time. You can never run out of moves-- matches will always drop in from above.

Speed mode has all the special gems just like Classic mode. However, Speed mode has some additional gameplay features tailored to the Speed experience.

  • Timer Bar: Each Speed mode game starts with one minute on the clock. The Timer Bar above the game board shows how much time you have remaining in your game.
  • Time Gems: As you play, special Time Gems marked with "+5" or "+10" drop into the board. Each Time Gem you match adds seconds to the Time Extension tank under the score display on the upper left corner of the screen. When the Timer Bar reaches zero, the stored time is added back to the Timer Bar allowing you to keep playing. Each time the Time Extender tank empties, unmatched Time Gems turn into Special Gems.
  • Score Multiplier: The Score Multiplier is displayed just below the score in the upper left corner of the screen. It begins at x1, and increases by one each time you empty the Time Extension tank. All moves made are enhanced by the Score Multiplier, so the longer you survive, the higher you push the Multiplier and the bigger your overall score grows.
  • Speed Bonus: If you make matches quickly enough in succession, you will earn a Speed Bonus, which is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen above your score. The Speed Bonus starts at 200 points and is added to the point total for each match as long as you keep matching quickly enough to maintain the bonus. As you continue to make fast matches, the Speed Bonus increases to a maximum value of 1000 additional points per match. If you falter for too long, the Speed Bonus resets to zero.
  • Blazing Speed: Once you have filled your Speed Bonus to +1000, you unlock the Ignition Meter. Keep making fast matches to fill it and activate Blazing Speed. While Blazing Speed is active, the board pulses orange, and every matched gem acts as a Flame Gem, exploding upon being matched. This is an excellent way to clear large areas of the board and pick up hard-to-get Time Gems.
  • Last Hurrah: When a game is over, you receive the Last Hurrah. During the Last Hurrah, all Special Gems are detonated and added to your final score. Any unmatched Time Gems remaining on the board also add to your final score.

Speed Mode point values are five times those of Classic mode; that is, a basic match scores 50 points in Classic, but 250 points in Speed.

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