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Tips on How to Play the Drums

Tips on How to Play the Drums

So you’ve bought yourself a drum set but you don’t know quite yet what to do with it or where to start. Here are a couple of essential tips to help you learn how to play the drums on your own.

Understand the Role of Each Part

Assuming that you’re using an acoustic drum kit then a basic set would consist of a kick or bass drum, a high hat, snares, and crash and ride cymbals. You need to understand what the role of each of these instruments, what kinds of sounds they’re capable of making, and how they should be used best in a given genre.

Simply put, learning how to play the drums is just like how first day classes pan out. You start with boring but necessary textual research to understand the fundamentals. Only when you have a basic grasp of how the entire drum set works can you move on to actual hands-on application.

Start with Simple Exercises

Admittedly, the rules for body posture and hand movement aren’t as strict for drums as it is with, say, the piano or violin but there are still a couple of basics that you need to keep in mind and which would help improve your


Consider investing in drum exercise workbooks or search for free drum exercises online. They won’t teach you cool and exciting stuff, but they can ensure that you have all the necessary skills to maximize your drum star potential.

Take Advantage of Online and Computer-Based Tools

There are websites which allow you to play virtual drum sets. Try your hand with those – they’re actually a lot simpler to master since you only use keys to control your drum set. Afterwards, you can apply whatever you’ve learned when you get back to your real drum set and start playing live music.

There are also a number of software programs which offer a series of lessons to help you learn how to play the drums. These programs usually offer access to comprehensive resources to broaden your knowledge and deepen your appreciation for drums as well as having a wide range of exercises to constantly test and upgrade your skills.

Motivation is the key to success and this applies to drumming as well. Once in a while, it would be good to listen to your favorite songs or drummers and try to play their music by the ear. Listening to how good they are will inspire you to do better and eventually lead to developing your own style.

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