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Tips on how to play pool

tips on how to play pool

Pro Pool Player Tips

Do you want to ask your favorite pro pool player a question about how they got started, tips that can help you with your game? Now you can ask the pro's everything you've ever wanted to know.

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  • Hi Jeanette Lee, my question is about being consistent.I've been playing pool along time and when I was a young man I beat many players that in my opinion were probably than I am or was,I was wondering if there is anything that I could work on to improve. Thank You Gary
  • Gary, there are hundreds of drill all over the internet that you can practice to improve. Consistency comes with consistent quality practice and solid fundamentals. A lot of people just want to spend all their pool time playing other people but not doing the solo work on the table. Playing with others doesn't isolate your weaknesses to where you can improve them. The first thing I would suggest is have someone who focuses on fundamentals take a look at you and work on that. I suggest Jerry Briesath or Mark Wilson and I also have one day clinics here in Indy you can find on my website! Best of luck to you!
  • hey dawn i have a problem with getting in the zone and when i get in the zone i cant stay in the zone.also i like to play for money but somtimes when i get down or start to lose a set i start to worry about losing money.then i start to miss shots i do i avoid this and stay in the zone?

- anthony mabe, jackson springs

  • Getting in the zone and staying there is what we all strive to do. Being in the zone is really just being in total focus. Being in total focus means you are not "thinking" of what you are doing, you are just doing what your subconcious has learned over time. Getting and staying in focus takes practice just like any other part of the learning process. You have to learn to quiet your mind so you can perform without any judgement. The best way to practice this is to meditate. See how long you can sit with your mind being still. Its not easy. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. Then when you get into a match, you do the same thing. Just shoot the shots, without all the thinking. Thats when you are in the zone. You can also practice it during everyday things. I find that when I do dishes, for example, I have a million things racing through my mind. But if I "just do dishes" and focus on that one thing, its a way to practice focus. It may sound crazy and "zen" like, but if you think about how you felt when you were in the zone, the quiet mind was the state you were in. You just have to practice getting in that state more often and be able to turn it on when you need it. As far as the gambling, its probably not a good idea to be gambling money that you have to worry about losing anyway. Once you start getting in the zone more, you will learn not to "think about" any of that negative stuff. Whats the score, who you are playing, what you will win/lose, etc. All things you shouldn't be thinking about during a match. You just shouldn't be thinking period! Good luck!

- Dawn Hopkins

  • Hi there I was just wondering if you had any practice tips for getting a smoother stroke
  • What you are trying to build when you are learning a stroke

    is a simple machine. This machine has 2 2x4's, a hinge, and one rubber band. What you essentially do is put your feet down in the right spot so your pool machine can push the cue down the shot line. To develop this smooth stroke, start by setting up a straight in shot maybe 2 or 3 diamonds from the pocket and the cue ball another diamond or so away. What you do is roll in the object ball and the cue ball. Make sure you use the softest speed you can. Monitor how many muscles (rubber bands) you are using and keep trying to eliminate them. This drill will smooth out your stroke, improve your pointing of the cue stick and develop a soft touch. Check points include a slow pull back, a loose grip and a still head.

  • Hey I am Derian Fontanez 11 years old and love the game of pool.I started playing since i was 6 years old and i got better and better.I wanna get paid for this sport that i love i wanna get sponsored and have fun playing pool facing bigger and better players to give me more competition.
  • Hi, Derian! You should definitely keep playing the game you love and work hard at improving. It's great to have hobbies/sports that you really enjoy. Play in local tournaments to face better opponents. But I can tell you this. It is VERY difficult to be a top pro and make a good living. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to as long as you back it up with intelligent hard work. With that said, stay in school, do your best there, and perhaps, study Marketing and Public Relations! It will help with learning how to promote yourself and getting sponsors, etc. But keep practicing all the way there! Good Luck! Jeanette
  • Dear Jeanette, I don't know if anyone but me can really answer this question for myself, but I'd like to know how you came to this answer. I've played the game of pool for years. I've started putting together equipment, I've increased my table time, taken on several forms of media and books to grow my skills as a player. But a vital piece to my dream of becoming a professional pool player is still missing. And that is the confidence that I can go into a room and take down a top field in order to finish first. At what point during your training and play were you able to say to yourself that you could win against anyone, and even if you lost you knew you belonged on that tour?

- Jeremy McCoy, Aiken

  • Hi Jeremy, The confidence you seek usually comes from success, from overcoming obstacles, from learning from your errors so you know how to handle tough situations in your future. You can usually take a look at a field of players and know how you stack up against them. Even if you don't, you just have to play in a few to find out. You won't find this out in one tournament. Play in as many as you can and your results will speak for themselves. If you lose right away over and over again, then you are not ready for that caliber of play and you need to go home and work harder. If you win at least a few rounds, then you are right in there and should keep playing in those events and still go home and work harder! Nothing happens overnight. Your results will tell you where you are, but they don't tell you where you are going. They don't define who you are. You, and what you do each day with your time, is what really defines you and what your future will bring.

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