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Tips on how to play roulette

tips on how to play roulette

Best Places to Play Roulette

Once you've learnt and memorised all of our winning Roulette Tips below, you'll need a good place to put them into practice. so check out our recommendations:

For the best Roulette action visit Roxy Palace Casino . This award-winning casino is player favourite thanks to it's generous Welcome Bonus of €/£/$1250. and the host of roulette variations to suit every taste. Betting limits vary on Roulette games and you can also play in "Free Play " mode until you get the hang of the game before playing for real money. Available in both Flash and Download versions, this casino is simply one you can't miss.

William Hill Casino is one of the leading casinos online offering a superb game of Roulette. They offer a range of betting limits, many of which are quite low which is good for practicing as well as a welcome bonus of up to £150. They also offer a number of regular ongoing promotions and outstanding customer support, making it easy to see why it's such a great place to play!

  • Predetermine the budget for your Roulette bankroll before you go anywhere near a casino. Doing this in advance ensures that you won't make an emotional decision and the money you assign for playing with will be allocated logically according to what you can spend.
  • Review the casino's payout percentages on roulette and compare it to others before playing at the casino. Always choose the casino with the highest payout rates to maximise your winning potential.
  • As mentioned in our discussion on the roulette variations available, always play European Roulette where possible as this has a considerably lower house edge than that of American Roulette (2.63% as opposed

    to 5.26%).

  • If you can find a European Roulette table that offers the "In Prison" or "la Partage" rules. opt for this as it further decreases the house advantage.
  • Know and understand all Roulette terminology before you play as this will ensure that you aren't at a loss when a term is used that you don't understand
  • Choose a table with betting limits that suit your pocket. While high roller tables may offer attractive winnings, the likelihood of obtaining these in two rounds is low. Rather play more on lower limit tables.
  • Before you start playing at a table, review the previous numbers resulting from prior spins as these will help you to determine your course of betting. If the last 5 to 10 numbers have been Red, then you would consider betting black as the probability of the subsequent numbers being this colour are higher. Keep watching these numbers as you go to guide you.
  • Focus your betting on the even money or outside bets namely Red or Black, Odd or Even, High or Low, Columns or Dozens. While these payout less, the odds of you winning are higher, and this can lead to greater long term profits.
  • Do not only bet on what you consider to be your "lucky number", spread your bets for greater odds in your favour.
  • As with all other casino games, like online poker for example, follow a pattern whereby you up the value of your bets when you're winning and decrease the value when you are losing according to your budget.
  • Do not play your winnings back to the table. this is the quickest and most common way of losing everything and the casinos profit from your greed.

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