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A Completely Free step by step guide on learning how to play soccer the fastest way by practicing on your own presents you with 10 steps that will teach you how to play soccer. Whether you are a complete beginner who has never touched a soccer ball, or someone who wants to further improve their game, this guide shows you how to play soccer by practicing the fundamentals of the game, which are divided into 10 easily understandable steps.

These lessons, tips and drills are designed in a way that you do not have to rely on anyone else for your training. So even if don’t know anything about the game and are hesitant in practicing with your friends or team-mates, you have nothing to worry about since these 10 steps incorporate drills that are supposed to be practiced all by yourself.

This is the ultimate and the most precise ‘Soccer for Dummies’ guide that you can find on the internet.

And before you start thinking this is a paid product, let me tell you right away that this guide is COMPLETELY FREE. You don’t have to wait for e-mails either because this complete guide is available RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE. In fact, if you are already getting impatient, you can CLICK HERE TO START LEARNING HOW TO PLAY SOCCER and get started RIGHT NOW. but I would not recommend that as it will only take a few minutes to read through this introduction, which can clear you doubts as I would be explaining to you about the various features of this guide so you are well acquainted with what you are getting into.

So here is what you can EXPECT TO GAIN from this soccer guide:

Learn the basics of soccer right from scratch.

Find yourself playing soccer in the shortest time possible if you are a complete beginner.

Improve your game further if you already know how to play.

Get a comprehensive step by step guide for dummies consisting of 10 steps that provide you with soccer LESSONS, TIPS and DRILLS.

No need for team-mates. Easy to understand steps that can be applied and practiced ALL BY YOURSELF.

Each step tells you EXACTLY what you have to do in order to master a particular aspect.

Gives you an indication of how frequently and when you are supposed to practice which step.

Tips on designing your custom practice schedule

Easy understanding as each step is accompanied by some of the best VIDEOS from around the internet.

Analysis of why to do a particular drill and how it is useful in game situations.

Tips that teach you how to play soccer more intelligently.

A look at some of the best players around the world including the likes of Dennis Bergkamp, Xavi, Paul Scholes, etc and understand how they implement what you are being taught.

And much more….and the best part is that it is COMPLETELY



Now I would also like to point out to you about what NOT TO EXPECT from this guide, as I do not want you to have any false assumptions –

Do not expect that you will become a soccer superstar overnight. This guide will only work if you put in the hard work.

Do not expect to learn fancy skills and tricks. This is a soccer guide that is focused on improving your game the fastest way, and that is by learning the fundamentals. Fancy tricks are not of much help, as this guide is not about freestyle soccer.

This guide will not suddenly turn you into a complete soccer professional because there is no substitute for actually training under a well established coach. Think of this guide more as your personal coach which will turn you into a solid player with strong fundamentals, and thus opening the doors for further developments.

This guide will not teach you the RULES of the game, as the sole focus is to teach you how to play. A quick search online will lead you to various resources where you can read about the rules.


Let’s Get Started.

Now I know you are itching to start. Remember to go through the guide thoroughly. Do not skip too much content even if you find that the steps are long posts that never seem to end. Remember, there are no shortcuts to success. Once you understand the importance of the lesson, tip or drill that is being explained, you will find yourself motivated more to practice it as you would know why exactly you are doing it. You have to pay attention to every detail.

In the next page, which is the introduction to the guide, I will be explaining you on how to use this guide. This is important as I will give you a brief overview about the 10 steps and give you different ways in which you can use this guide to its maximum potential.

Also do not forget to sign up by filling your name and e-mail address by clicking on the ‘Subscribe ‘ button that you can see on the top right hand side near the scroll bar. Though this guide is present on the site, this is not the only value that this site will offer to you. Once you sign up ,we will provide you with other tips of the week, lessons, drills. player analysis ,etc, that are bound to improve your game even after you are done using this guide. Learning and improving your game is an ongoing process and we hope to build a lasting relationship with you. So fill out your details below.

Now that you are all set, I won’t make you wait any longer.


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