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Tips on how to play sudoku

tips on how to play sudoku

PLUS. All These Sudoku Lessons Are Explained In Easy-To-Understand Plain English So That You Can Start Solving Sudoku Puzzles Right Away.

I am really enjoying your videos, progressing nicely. I'm not rushing them, still on Sophemore but WOW they have changed my whole way of tackling a puzzle. Not to say I don't make any mistakes, sometimes i have to erase a couple of blocks and start again but i make sure i finish them without peeking at the answers or just giving up the way i used to. Thank you again for your concern, you are a great teacher. If I may call you that. — Charles Sherwood

I have been enjoying the Suduku videos. You do a great job, keep up the good work. — Merle Styles

I have finished just the sophomore videos and it has already greatly improved my solving times and abilities. — Sue Boutfam

Your teaching method is a big help. I would recommend your product to all Sudoku enthusiasts. Thank you for being there and don't stop. — Milton Meadows

Thank you for offering a sensible, methodical approach. My creative nature wants to jump ahead and try different ideas which often get me in trouble. — Ginni Western

I could not believe my eyes when I read your message that you would send me the lessons I had purchased awhile back, that my husband had deleted. Never did I expect that you would respond. I just thought it would not hurt to ask. Certainly, you have given me a GREAT RESPECT for you. Thank you, thank you. — Judy Ressler

I'm finding the various techniques very helpful. Thanks for offering these instructive videos. — Calvin Harris

I haven't gotten through all of the Sudoku Videos yet. However, those that I did see were marvelous. Early on in the program, I learned that some of the videos are vital to the understanding of the next program. Therefore, I repeated the lessons and took notes. You definitely have an engineer's mind. Most of us don't, but I appreciate people who try to help others to see a process. I can tell you love to solve these puzzles, because you want others to see the process or logic that is involved. You are using your talents to help people think logically. I especially like the fact that you solve the puzzle using your stated principles on the videos, and that there is a typed objective for each puzzle. Thanks for putting your brilliant ideas into videos for all of us to learn. — Rita Clare

Your lessons are awesome! I really like how you build on the patterns. I am currently working on Senior lessons. Currently on vacation and taking a break from the lessons. Have purchased a book of puzzles, "SUDOKU ON THE GO" expert level. Before your lessons I could complete even one of these puzzles. I am now completing them in 45 min to an hour and not cheating at all. I am amazed at how much I have learned towards solving Sudoku. Your lessons really do bring fun to Sudoku! — John Morschauser

The lessons are very good and I am learning. I try to do one puzzle a day at varying levels of difficulty. Sometimes I watch the lessons over again. Thank you! — Linda Perez

I'm finding the various techniques very helpful, although I have to get used to the terminology ( triple double; double double, quadruple; ect.) Haven't had a lot of time to devote to the videos but the little I have watched and used have already made a big difference. Thanks for offering these instructive videos. — Calvin Harris

I started learning at zero. Now I enjoy playing Sudoku puzzles. the evening's free time is too short! Thanks for the lessons, you are a great professor. — Louisette Lamontagne

I take your lessons slowly. Your tips have been great and I am able to do the Globe and Mail "1 - 3 star quite well. I feel an air of accomplishment when I am able to complete them. — Devi Taneja

I have enjoyed the videos. Your instruction program is great. I have completed the program through the senior level and have learned quite a lot. And I am getting better. I was lucky to find your program and glad that I did. I would recommend the program to anyone really interested in Sudoku. — Jim Petterson

Hello Chad! I am a slow learner but I am enjoying both lessons and the improvement in my new found pastime. — John Hartley, Ph. D.

Hi Chad, I am really enjoying your lessons. The first time I did a whole game I could not believe it. A great feeling! — George Gallagher

Have finished all the videos. They have been a great help especially in spotting pattern, double doubles, triple doubles, etc. Solved all the puzzles with the videos. Thanks for the brilliant videos. — Bryan Tan

I've seen and played all of your videos. I really enjoyed it. I am now using my computer plus a paper sheet for the pencil marks. It gets a little messy at times. but I have been able to solve the Sudoku puzzle. — Dieter Emmermann

Just want to let you know that even though I haven't finished watching all the videos, I'm at the Sophomore level, I tackled my first Medium puzzle and I was able to solve it! Before your videos, it probably would have frustrated me but I was confident I could do it. Thanks for your videos! — Gloria Bermudez

Hi Chad. Your videos have been very helpful in teaching me how to play sudoku. — Shelley Raub

I find the lessons very good. You are an excellent teacher! — Marian Kuiters

I am doing fine with your lessons. I have done Suduku puzzles for years and I am now starting to think different. I have been solving puzzles up to the difficult level but not in an organized way like I do now. Thank you for your great methods. — Merle Styles

I must say I am enjoying your videos. They have been a great help in learning to find answers to the more difficult games. When I first started I had no idea where to begin, I didn't really understand the game. But through watching your videos I am now enjoying sudoku and always look forward to learning more. Thank you! — Loretta Coppin

I really like the videos. I like the way you present the lessons. You have a very gifted way of teaching and I am enjoying them very much. — Diane Paquette

Learning lots! Trying to accelerate solving with the technique's I have learned. Doing practice with Brown Belt Sudoku. As I do other puzzles I am beginning to notice the distinct patterns. That really helps. It's funny because my brain is starting to do automatically rather than have to tell it what to do. I feel that's amazing. — Rose Ladd

Once again I'm so excited about these lessons,I'm now starting Freshman 102 and i got myself a Sudoku mag at the bookstore and it is puzzles hand made by Nikoli which i am pleased about. I have started with the easy ones and yes one of them i got stuck and had to peek at the answers to see were i am going wrong, but i am starting to look for patterns and of course logic. I cannot download to much at a time- don't have a lot of bandwith. As you say rather go over the first ones again to really get a good grounding. I don't want to bore you with to much stuff but thanks again and hope we can chat soon. — Charles

I really enjoyed your lessons and I would recommend them to anyone that is interested in Sudoku. I'm unlocking puzzles that a few weeks ago I'd give up on. I went from the green belt to brown belt and I'm thinking of taking your advanced lessons when I think I'm ready. Again thank you very much. — Jack Burke

I just started the Sophomore level lessons today. I'm trying to digest the lesson material and find time today to do the exercise. Tentative schedule is during my lunch hour. I am pleased to say that I am enjoying this journey though. Your lessons are taught well and full of information. I am enjoying learning the, what I call, Dynamic Pencil Marking methods you are teaching. I'm doing Sudoku puzzles without the fixed pencil markings (FPM) as I have grown accustomed to. But I am trying to break away from their apron strings. I still have some growing pains though. A time or two I've gone ahead and solved harder puzzles with the FPMs just to underline my confidence in being able to solve. I then wait a bit and go back with the DPMs. What a way to grow, huh? I'll let patience do it's wonderful work as I earn my way to being a Sudoku Master like you. — Earl Garden

I am impressed by your presentation and the methods you use. I confess that I don't always remember your quick methods such as the J and cross formats. However I am enjoying Sudoku much better without having to analyse each square (enter all possible numbers) before starting. I am a little over half way through your course, fitting it in between other activities. My thanks for your efforts and clear descriptions. — Allister McGregor

Dear Chad, I am on the Junior Level as of today. I very much like the new options that I learned solving the more difficult puzzles. I love Sudoku and now I love it even more. Thank you for all your creative videos. — Zachary Glass

I think your teaching in the videos is exceptional. I am up to the senior level and have learnt so much. My Sudoku solving has improved enormously and I am happy with the results. — Veronica

I love the videos. The methods you teach are much easier to remember that any other method I have tried. — Terry Pinotti

Your video approach to teaching Sudoku via videos is fantastic! I enlarge the view, put in my special earplugs for increasing my hearing ability and go through the entire lesson. I repeat the lesson, this time following with the lesson download and find that the immediate repetition enables me to follow along much easier and without pauses. I am enjoying the lessons very much and thank you for developing such a fun teaching technique. — Bill Halopoff

I am enjoying the lessons. I have completed them and now reviewing. I am having a lot of fun with techniques and am hopeful that I will keep improving. I am going to buy puzzle book today from your recommendation. I am still having trouble completing them and make wrong deductions but with your lessons I have a chance to improve at last. — Linda Smith

Enjoy them. Very helpful! — Ed Levine

I am VERY pleased with the videos to date very informative and fun to do. I am at the sophomore level and doing well. Loving the knowledge and benefit from your instruction. — John Larsen

I am ready to start the Brown Belt series on Sudko. I purchased your program in January 2011. Reason I am writing to you, is to suggest to your previous clients to review your web site again. You may use this testimonial. I went into your graduate level and realize you are saying things, I was not familiar like the jay factor. So I decide to go back and start with the Freshmen classes. I am picking up tips that I was not aware or just forgot. I am really enjoying your new web site and your format. I am so glad, I wrote to you on advice on the colase. I am learning so much and it has brought out the old joy that I had learning your program. I am sure your graduates would love your new web site and your presentations. Thank you so much. I can hardly wait till I get to the black belt series. — Teresa Carroll Hilton Head Sc

Yes I've really put the tips to work - actually I felt I had my money's worth just with the free lessons. Now I'm addicted. I'm looking forward to my vacation in two weeks when I can finish the lessons - I'm just into the sophomore levels and hoping to learn enough to do the "insane". I'm just thrilled to be able to finish correctly every puzzle so far in our daily paper. Wish I had the time to do this all day but I'm retired and have grandchildren. Can't thank you enough for making Sudoku so enjoyable. — Sandra Jagodowski

I am retired with some physical handicaps so I have plenty of time to peruse the puzzles. I am learning. I have worked some easy puzzles to completion and correctly so I am on my way to becoming a Sudoku wizard. Thanks! Your lessons are priceless. — Gary McClary

I'm enjoying the videos. I'm so hooked on Sudoku I do them everyday. You are a wonderful teacher. I guess I need you standing over my shoulder helping me. Just Kidding! — Patricia Schafer

I'm enjoying the videos. I'm so hooked on Sudoku I do them everyday. You are a wonderful teacher. — Patricia Schafer

Initially, I felt reluctant to spend money on lessons for something that seemed like a pastime. But I was so impressed with how helpful the free lessons were that I decided to take a chance on the rest. It has been more than worth it! The lessons are GREAT. They have changed my experience of Sudoku - it has become a bit of an obsession! I am moving through the lessons slowly and doing all the practice exercises, and other puzzles from a book I have as well. You are a wonderful teacher, with the ability to make complicated logic seem simple. I had tried to look up Sudoku techniques on the web before I found yours, and found only confusion and hard to follow stuff. These lessons are really a cut above what else is out there. What is particularly helpful is following you as you reason your way through a puzzle from start to finish. This is far better than a trick here or a technique there - it has given me what I needed from the outset. a process to follow to solve the puzzles. The fact that the lessons are video is part of what is so helpful. I don't have to go back and forth between a written description and what is happening on the puzzle - it is all right there! I continue to enjoy the lessons, and will continue to move through them slowly, so I can really savor them. Thank you so much for putting these lessons together, — June Davidson

Think they are great.Clear to the point and you have great patience with your students. It is easy to go back and see where you made your mistakes. Best money I ever spent. Sincerely, — Muriel Bradley

I am enjoying the lessons thoroughly! Sorry I haven't written sooner. If I hadn't discovered your web-site, I don't think that I would be solving Soduko so successfully. I must admit that my biggest faux pas is trying to solve things prematurely. Your advice is consistent and reaps rewards. I like the approaches that you teach. So glad that you have created these videos. Thank you. — Allyson Magierowicz

Thanks for checking in. I am thoroughly enjoying your lessons. My skill level is increasing and now all I need is: Practice, practice, practice! You are a wonderful teacher:)) — Patricia Cosgrove

I'm enjoying the videos. I'm so hooked on Sudoku I do them everyday. You are a wonderful teacher. — Patricia Schafer

I bought the Sunday Times yesterday. I managed to solve both the hard and very hard Sudoku puzzles. This would have been impossible for me only a short while ago. It's all down to your excellent techniques. Many thanks and best wishes. — E.P. Feast

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