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Tips on how to play texas hold em

tips on how to play texas hold em

5 Helpful Strategy Tips for Texas Hold'em King

Poker can be an intimidating game for new players. Between keeping track of your own cards and chips and what your opponents are doing, Texas Hold’em can be a tough game to master. However, this challenge is what makes the game so rewarding. There is nothing more satisfying than taking down a couple of players at your table and walking away with a big pile of chips. This is why we’ve created 5 strategy tips for Texas Hold’em King to help players on their way to becoming the next poker legend!

Strength in Numbers

It sounds simple, but many people do not know the strength of each hand. Knowing what kind of a hand you have is incredibly important for deciding how much you should bet…or even bet at all! You can use this page as a reference.

Patience is a Virtue

Many poker players (especially online ones) aren’t patient and will keep betting whether they have good cards or not. One of the most important parts of poker is waiting until you have a hand good enough to beat 5 other players. If you start with $1000 chips, and minimum bet is $50, you have enough for 20 big blinds. That means if you don’t make any additional bets (and you’re playing against 5 other players) you can see 80 hands! The trick is to

be patient until you have a great hand and then capitalize!

Know when to Hold’em and when to Fold’em

Sometimes a player will keep calling a bet with the mentality that “I’m already in this hand, so I might as well play it out”. This is definitely the wrong way to play. Sure, your opponent may be bluffing, but chances are with 5 other players at the table that unless you have a decent hand, someone has got you beat. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn in too far with a weak hand because then you’ll just end up losing even more chips.

What’s my Position?

Knowing what your position is in relation to the dealer is incredibly important. If you are one of the first players to act, you need to have a stronger hand because with more players acting after you, there is a greater chance someone will raise. This is why being the last person to act (the dealer, shown by the “D” chip beside the player) is such a big advantage. You know whether everyone else has already checked, bet, or folded so it makes your decision that much easier. It even makes bluffing that much more effective! If everyone in front of you checks, chances are they don’t have an amazing hand. This gives you the opportunity to bet and make everyone else think your hand is amazing.

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