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How to Potty Train - The Five Potty Training Methods

I think the hardest part of any task (including potty training) is figuring out how you are going to do. This article presents the 5 different methods how to potty train your child, it also presents the pros and cons of each potty training method.

5 Potty Training Methods we recommend:

  • Infant Potty Training Method
  • Practice until you get it right Potty training Method
  • The Potty Training in One Day Method (aka Dr Phil's Potty Training Method)
  • He will go potty when the time is right Potty Training Method
  • The Naked & $75 method

Infant Method:

Infant Potty Training is possible and many parents begin potty training their babies’ only weeks after they are born. Many of the same indications that baby make when they are hungry or tired, they also do when they need to go to the bathroom.

Parents can begin to learn and pick up on these indications within their baby and teach them to potty train at only weeks old. Many parents watch for the signs and they call this elimination communication, as soon as they see these signs, they hold their baby over a toilet or potty immediately to help get them potty trained.

  • Promotes early parent-child bonding
  • Starting early you will finish early
  • Urination and Bowel Movements are not likely to become entrenched habits
  • Limited use of diapers
  • Cost effective
  • Prevents diaper rash
  • Better for the environment
  • More hygienic

Practice until you get it right:

  • This easily fits into today's busy schedule
  • With some planning you can make practice sessions into a routine
  • Is done gradually over time
  • Very limited accidents because you

    keep the child in diapers

  • Takes a lot of time, depending on the child's maturity level and temperament.
  • May not learn to initiate going potty themselves
  • Keeping curious toddler interested while sitting for long periods of time.

Potty Training In One Day Method:

This method is based on basic concept:

Best way to learn is to teach it!

This method has the parent show the child how and why you go potty. By using a potty training doll, the parent will feed the doll water, then have the doll go potty over a potty chair. After the basic concept is taught, the child then will teach the doll themselves how to go potty.

The "One Day" is actually what they call the "Big Day" where you spend  a few hours practicing proper potty training behavior. After this initial "first day" you will spend a few days following staying consistent with accidents.

  • Quick - This typically can be done in under 2 weeks.
  • Is a structured method
  • This was made famous by Dr. Phil
  • Proven method make by 2 physiologists
  • Originally designed for children with special needs
  • Takes planning and preparation
  • Is a structured method
  • Requires follow through by parents
  • Make to look easy

They will go potty when the time is right:

This method is recommended by Dr. Brazelton and is also adopted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is one of the most common methods used in North America ; It also is one of the main reasons American children are some the oldest in the world to be potty trained.

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