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How to Prevent Obesity


Obesity has become a major health scourge in the US and many other countries. The common causes of obesity are a sedentary lifestyle, overeating junk food, lack of exercise etc. It is easier to prevent obesity rather than try to shed excess flab once it is accumulated. In this article, we reveal easy and effective tips on how to prevent obesity. Read on and try to implement these tips to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

How to Prevent Obesity

Stay Active

This is an important step in preventing obesity. Join a gym or yoga class to stay slim and trim. Take the stairs or walk to do your chores. Simple steps like these can go a long way in preventing overweight and obesity. Joining a gym or yoga class will help you mingle with like-minded people who can give you valuable tips on how to prevent obesity.

The Food and Drug Administration advises that one must consume about 2,000 calories each day. Ensure that you include legumes, vegetables, fruits, whole grain breads, meats and dairy items. To avoid obesity, your daily calorie intake must not exceed the number of calories expended. So, if you are not an active person, reduce your calorie intake to ensure your weight does not balloon up.

Buy a weight scale for your home and weigh yourself at least once every week. This will enable you to keep a close eye on your weight and health. If your weight starts to increase, take appropriate steps immediately such as reducing your food portions and exercising regularly to prevent obesity.

Many people mistake thirst for hunger and start gorging. Drink plenty of water every day to flush out

toxins and impurities from your system. Most health experts advise drinking eight to 10 glasses of water every day. Whenever you feel hungry, first try drinking water and see if that satiates you. Water is thus a great way to combat hunger pangs and ensure you do not overeat.

Go for a medical checkup at least once every year. This will help you and your doctor detect any health issues at the earliest. Early detection is essential to effectively treat and cure any disease. You can also start implementing lifestyle changes at the earliest to prevent any complications.

Do not keep any stock of junk food in your home. Stocking junk food will always tempt you to take a bite now and then. This can be harmful in the long run. So, be smart and avoid buying junk food in the first place. Similarly, avoid storing soda and sweet fizzy drinks in your fridge. These harmful beverages can also add on the flab and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Research reveals that naturally thin people eat only when they feel hungry. If you do not feel hungry at regular meal time, then cut down your portion size and eat just enough food to keep you satiated and energetic for your daily tasks. Thus to prevent obesity, ensure you start eating only when you feel hungry.

Workplace issues and interpersonal problems can cause stress which may goad one to take up drinking and emotional eating. These unhealthy habits can lead to obesity. Therefore to bust stress, practice yoga, meditation or other self-awareness techniques to improve your self-control. This will make your life healthy and positive, and help you to prevent obesity.

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