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How to Prolong Ejaculation

tips on how to prolong ejaculation

There is so much information on the proper ways how to prolong ejaculation. If there is so much information on prolong ejaculation techniques, tricks and cures, where do you turn? What should you try?

For me personally, to learn how to prolong ejaculation I have tried various stop prolong ejaculation techniques and tricks, so what finally put an end to my premature ejaculation? I tried several how to prolong ejaculation techniques on internet; some of them were useful, like others were not so useful. Now I would like to give you a quick guide to what worked for me and what didn’t when I tried to find my premature ejaculation solutions. I’ll also give you many tips on what finally ended my days of premature ejaculation problems once and for all.

How to Prolong Ejaculation Guide

As I mentioned earlier, in my experience, some techniques how to prolong ejaculation were more effective then others. At the end of this article, I’ll give you three premature ejaculation stop techniques that worked best for me, before I finally found an amazing guide that addressed all the issues to prolong ejaculation and teaches how to prolong ejaculation. If you do not have time or are worried about paying for a guide to help prolong ejaculation, try all three techniques for free, I found it useful, as I said those techniques are free and a good place to start, you never know they can be large enough for you to prevent premature ejaculation, for me they worked, but not completely.

The guide that finally was able to stop premature ejaculation for me has been on the internet, it’s a guide that has crossed all things you need to know how to prolong ejaculation. by the end of this guide I had complete understanding of premature ejaculation problem, as

ever before, and as a result, following the guide has been easy, the guide I was followed is called Ejaculation By Command by Lester Lloyd. It sounds cheesy, but it was the only thing that has completely eliminated my problem and learned how to prolong ejaculation.

If paying to learn how to prolong ejaculation is not your cup of coffee then you can try these simple techniques that I found useful, but they did not completely stop premature ejaculation for me, maybe it helps you.

How to Prolong Ejaculation Techniques

1. To stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed with your girlfriend or wife use exercises such as Kegel techniques. It is when you use the muscle that prevents you urinate, your pelvic muscles. You need to flex that muscle 20-30 times a day. This may help you prolong ejaculation.

2. Another premature ejaculation stop technique is to use the towel method. This technique can help but it does not work for everyone. To try this method, make your Mr. erect and place a light towel over it. Tense if it so it moves up and down. Do it up to twenty-five times. If you are unable to do whole twenty-five times, do as much as you can create up to twenty-five.

3. Eat blueberries and other health food it will help prolong ejaculation. For all the benefits of this, eat some blueberries a couple times a week. This can help you last longer while you have sex. They are a couple of pointers on how to prolong ejaculation. If you need to last longer in bed with your girlfriend, make sure you use the tips above and take a time to continue reading to know more about Male Premature Ejaculation What is That? Take action and learn how to prolong ejaculation!

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