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How to Put on Eyeshadow

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Learn how to put on eyeshadow in easy steps. Here are also some tips to work on the shape of your eyes and give them a classy look.

Applying eyeshadow helps enhance your eyes and gives them a modish look. You can groom your eyes to have the desired look, a soft, natural look or a bold, party look. Well, when it comes to eyeshadow application, most of you might be wondering that it's so easy! But, most women don't master the art of applying eyeshadow even after years. Eyeshadow is the primary element of eye makeup and can make or break the look of your eyes and hence, the entire face. This article will help you learn how to put on eyeshadow properly and look the best.

How to Put on Eyeshadow: Basic Tips

Prepare Your Eyes

Even if you apply an eyeshadow in the best way, it won't look good if the area around your eyes is not well-groomed. Start by cleansing your entire face. Opt for a good eye makeup remover, to thoroughly clean any residue around your eyes. After you finish with the daily cleansing routine, shape up your brows. Those unwanted stray hair can just take away the beauty of your eyes. So, pluck, thread or wax and have perfectly shaped eyebrows ready. Wash off your face, finish face makeup and move on to eyeshadow application. One of the basic tips on how to put on eyeshadow is, not to apply eyeliner or mascara before you are done with eyeshadow application.

Things You Need

Now, an eyeshadow palette needs no mention. If you are a beginner, then make sure you do not choose the gaudy shades. These can be used once you are used to this makeup element. You can opt for basic colors like brown, pink or pearl. Make sure you have the eyeshadow brushes ready. Clean them to have the perfect application, because if these are uneven and do not work smooth, you might not have the desired look. It is best to use a brush instead of sponge applicator to apply eyeshadow. Apart from this, you need loose translucent powder.

Basic Way

Before you look at the different ways of how to put on eyeshadow, let's learn the basic way. Firstly, choose the eyeshadow color you will be using. Next, make sure you have a light, medium and dark shade of the same color family. Basically, the light shade is for the

brow line, medium will go on the lid and dark is for the crease. Start with a loose translucent powder, prime your eyelids with it neatly. Take an eye shadow brush and apply the light shade from your lashes to your eyebrows. Next, take the medium shade on the brush and apply it to entire eyelid, up to the creases. Using the darkest tone in the crease of eyelid, contour your eyes. You can also use this dark color on a wet brush to line your eye. Don't use a heavy hand, be gentle. Also, blend the colors well with the brush. Remember blending is the trick! One of the eyeshadow tips is to put on medium tone below the lower lid to have a beautiful look.

Other Tricks

Here are the tricks to work the eyeshadow according to the shape of your eyes and make them look more beautiful and shapely. Follow these eyeshadow ideas, so that you do not make your eyes look weird after finishing the eye makeup. In case of small eyes, you need to use lighter shades. Dark shades will make your eyes look smaller. For protruding or large eyes, you must blend the contouring color, that is the darkest shade halfway down towards the lashes. This will reduce the size of the mobile eyelid. Finish by curling your eyelashes with a good mascara. In case of wide-set eyes, if they are large, you can work them in the basic way. If you have small wide-set eyes, then extend the dark shade you are using in the crease, close to the inner corner. Again, don't make it bold, blend well to give it a natural look. If your eyes are too close together, opt for a light color eyeshadow for the inside corner of your eyelid and a medium to dark color eyeshadow from the center to outer part of your eye. If you have droopy eyes, you must slightly extend the medium shade of eyeshadow from the outer corner of your eye up and out to have a lifted look.

Remember to put on extra loose powder under your eye and on the cheeks to catch any particles of eye shadow that fall on your face. After finishing, you can just dust off these and excess powder using a face brush. How to put on eyeshadow is not difficult if you work slowly and smoothly. Don't be in a hurry and choose the best color to complement your eyes.

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