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Quit dipping tips –  Top six tips to help you quit chewing tobacco for good.

tips on how to quit dipping

It is often a painful process to take an honest look at yourself. We don’t like to see our faults and shortcomings, but it is better to look, see and change than to never look at all. Be honest with yourself. Are you addicted to smokeless tobacco? Your addiction probably started very slowly, as is true with most addictions. You took a dip with a friend, and it tasted horrible, but it was the “thing” to do so you took some more. After a while you became comfortable with the taste and feel of the tobacco so you used it more often. Suddenly you began to need it. It was just the right thing for the moment. Certain activities or places triggered a desire for a dip. Eventually, it was not the place or activity that caused the desire, but the tobacco itself became the desire. You could not enjoy what you were doing, or even life itself, without tobacco. It is at this point that you realized it had you hooked. Panic may have set in. You knew you needed to quit chewing tobacco because it was controlling your life, but you just cannot live without the stuff. We created this list of quit dipping tips just

for you.

Have you tried to quit chewing tobacco several times, but the longest you have been able to go without tobacco is only a few days? Did you start out with high expectations, only to see your goal to quit chewing tobacco for good fade away only after a few days? Did you feel like you would never be able to reach your goal? If you answered “yes” to these questions then it is important to understand your addiction and what is keeping you from being able to quit chewing tobacco for good. Below are some quit dipping tips from DipStop’s Quit Dip Program. These quit dipping tips have helped thousands of people just like you quit chewing tobacco once and for all. Click on any one of the quit dipping tips to be taken to another page with more information on how it is an integral part of the quitting process.

The Top Six Quit Dipping Tips

Do you know of some other quit dipping tips that have helped you throughout the quitting process? Please leave a message in the comment box below to share them with others. This is a chance for you to encourage and help others struggling to quit chewing tobacco.

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