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How To Quit Drinking

tips on how to quit drinking

This video describes practical steps you can take to stop drinking. It gives you tips on how to stay positive and hold on to your resolve until you quit drinking.

In this video I am going to tell you how to quit drinking. The first thing you can do is change your language. If you use the word 'quit' it makes you feel like you are making a sacrifice when really stopping drinking is only going to be beneficial to you.

So think about why it is beneficial to you. The pros and cons. And write it down.

What are the pros of stopping? Is it that it will save you money? That you will be fitter and more healthy? That you'll probably have more energy? That maybe you won't waste days or evenings when you are drinking so you will have more time in your hands? What are the cons of continuing? Maybe it is really starting to affect your life or your work or your family. Maybe you are starting to realize that you are not very good when you drink. Or maybe you just want to be more effective and more efficient in your life.

Carry this list around with you so that, whenever you are tempted to have a drink when you are not supposed to, you can look at that list and remind yourself why you don't want to have it. Create a caricature that you would become if you continue to drink. So, fast forward quite a few years from now and imagine that you have got a red face, maybe a pot belly, maybe a big red nose.

Make that caricature as big and as vulgar as you can so that when you look at it, and you

think about it in your head, it really makes you want to not reach for that drink.

Changing your routine is one of the most effective things you can do if you are trying to stop drinking. It may be that you want to have a complete health overhaul, so not only are you going to stop drinking, but you are going to help your system to rid itself of all the toxins by drinking plenty of water, by eating healthily and by exercising regularly.

Change your routine with your friends. If you would normally meet your friends in the pub, ask for their support, and arrange to meet them either going for a walk or maybe playing a sport together. You may find that when you tell people that you are stopping drinking, that they are not that supportive.

In this case you need to really hold on to any positive comments that you are hearing, and ignore any negative comment. Quite often it comes from a sense of inadequacy that they have that they are not able to stop drinking themselves. So you should feel very positive and confident in what you are doing.

Build a positive association with stopping drinking, so that rather than looking at alcohol and longing for it, and telling yourself that it is difficult, and telling everybody around you how difficult it is and what a sacrifice you have made, celebrate the fact that you no longer drink. Celebrate the fact that you are really looking after your body, and not putting that toxin in it anymore. Don't look back at those days of drinking through rose coloured glasses.

Just think positively about the future and what it means to you. And that is how to quit drinking.

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