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Tips on how to quite smoking

tips on how to quite smoking

Allen Carr’s Way is different

Living smoke-free doesn’t have to be difficult

Smoking is a complex issue. On one side, there is a physical addiction to nicotine and, on the other, a psychological addiction to cigarettes.

The longer you smoke, the better you get at quieting the voice inside that tells you the truth about smoking. You go from thinking, “I can quit anytime” to “Not right now.” You might think that you don’t have the willpower to quit smoking. but how many times have you smoked in the freezing cold or wet? Or driven, late at night, to get cigarettes? Your will is strong.

It’s not lack of willpower or withdrawal that makes it difficult to quit smoking.

The physical withdrawal from nicotine is negligible. What smokers suffer when they try to stop smoking using other quit methods is the misery and depression caused by the belief that they are being deprived of a pleasure or crutch. As long as these beliefs are in place, the quitting process is a tug of war.

Smoking is killing me—but I enjoy it. It’s expensive—but it relaxes me. It takes me away from other things—but it gives me time out during the day. It smells bad—but it relieves stress. It gives me something to do with my hands…

Sound familiar?

Allen Carr’s Easyway is a simple, drug-free approach entirely unlike conventional quit smoking methods that rely on substitution and willpower.

Allen Carr’s method doesn’t use scare tactics to focus on why you shouldn’t smoke. There are no gimmicks or drugs. It’s not brainwashing or hypnosis.

Instead, we tackle the core beliefs that make quitting seem difficult. We shift your perspective on smoking and teach you how to reinterpret the entire smoking experience. As a result, you see smoking for what it is and your desire to smoke is removed. When you don’t want to smoke, there is no need for nicotine replacements or willpower.

It sounds simple because it is simple. Read some stories of people free of cigarettes thanks to Allen Carr’s Easyway. Read their excitement and imagine your life without cigarettes.

It may seem incredible to think that something that is a part of who you are will just disappear in 5 hours. But smoking isn’t who you are; it’s something you do. If you stop doing it, you’ll still be the same person. You can still relax, go out, and have friends. All without cigarettes. After all, non-smokers do it all the time! So can you.

It’s not a sentence of deprivation; it’s freedom from nicotine enslavement.

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