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How To Read Better And Faster

tips on how to read faster

Learn how to read better and faster with Maggie Hammond. Learn tips from a well-established novelist, publisher, journalist and experienced speed reader.

People have done some research on fast reading and they found that people who read fast, don't read along the lines, word by word. Actually, their eye falls on six or seven places on the page. They take in a big chunk all in one.

You can't just do this straight off, you have to practice. And there are some ways you can practice reading faster. First of all, it is really important that you are in a place where you have good light and if you have to use glasses like me, make sure you have a good pair of reading glasses that are right for you.

Computer screens are really bad for reading, as you probably know, it is much harder to absorb information and also because you are constantly scrolling down, your eye can't take in a chunk like it can on a fixed page. So if you can, read hard copy. If you have to

print something out, print it out.

Use recycled paper if you can or the back of something else. The best way to speed read is just to pick up whatever it is you have to read, an article, a book, look at how long it is first, look at how many chapters or sections it's divided into, look at any titles of the sections, look at the beginning and end to see what it is all about. Then if you just read the first line and the last line of every paragraph, you will be able to get through it in no time and you should know more or less what it's about.

You can always go back and fill in the gaps if you have time to. So, to sum up, what you need are good glasses, good lighting, hard copy if possible, look through what you have to read to see how big it is, how manageable it is and to get the main points. Then sit down to read comfortably.

And that's how to read quicker better and faster.

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