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Tips on how to revise

tips on how to revise


Best Answer: Here are some study tips for you:

To start of you can make a revision schedule. Whatever you make don't plan it for a long period of time but perhaps for a week. Some people find it's better to concentrate on one subject and others find it's better to do different ones so they don't get bored. You should do about 10-30 minutes a session (and then change the subject for the next session) and then take a break. You should at least spend 2/3 hours a day. Leave one day to give yourself a rest though.

Prepare beforehand, make check lists of things you already know and things you don't, or what you need help with and so on.

Switch of everything that can distract you (like music, the computer etc.). Also find a place that's comfy for you, and not a boring old study room where you can't concentrate! Choose a place where you can work to the best of your ability.

You can break stuff down into 10, 20 or 30 minutes and swap it between different subjects. If you are somebody who gets distracted easily, strictly do 10 minute sessions!

When you make a revision timetable don't make it too hard either cos you might not stick to it. Make it nice and simple so you can stick to it. As you feel more comfortable with whatever you planned you can increase the difficulty.

You will also need to find your own revision methods, I like making notes, doing podcasts, posters, flash cards etc. find out what works best for you. Make it look interesting though; not boring but colourful and attractive so you will be more motivated. Ask friends or family to

test you too. I find what works for me, is to get my revision books get to the pages I need to revise take a whole bunch of plain paper. I learn a page then I scribble down everything I remember. That is my way of remembering everything. I make up revision questions and go through them every night to see if I can remember.

To remember things try sticking posters up your wall or places where you go past a lot at home. There is this story technique as well and basically if you for example need to know the reactivity of metals you will have to write them down first and next to it write a familiar word. Then you could make a story with the familiar words and you could remember it that way.

If you don't like revising from books you can go on things like BBC Bitesize, or Samlearning and loads of other revision websites. BBC has a lot of podcasts as well. If you listen to things over and over again they might stay stuck in your head

It's the best to do the exams well first time rather than leaving it till the end. Start early and you don't have to do intensive revision every day but it is helpful to look through small notes to remind yourself. Best way to get confident in exams is to do a lot of practice papers, so you get used to the style and know what sort of things to expect. =)

Of course don't do it excessively, have fun now and then as well. Little treats and rewards help as well. ;) Good luck! =)

Source(s): In year 11. =) Currently studying for A LOT of exams.

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