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How to ride a dick

tips on how to ride a guy

I need help on some new techniques

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well, put his dick as far in you as you can. that feels good and makes him feel good. start of kind of slow, then build up to it..being on top should be fun and enjoyable. not confusing and difficult. just relax. slide it in. and take a ride..

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get on top and slide down on his dick and start off slow and move her hips up and then put or hands on his chest and move back on forth

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try griding on him or bounce on the tip of his dick he will love it

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to be honest, I had a hard time with this position myself (and still do). However I figured out a few tricks with practice and determination.

1) when in doubt tease him. In other words, if you feel the rhythm starting to go off, dont freak out, play it cool. start to just move on the end of his penis very slowly (it will drive him wild).

2) No one ever tells you how to move your hips and legs. they assume its natural. It's not, its nerve racking when you dont have a penis to just 'thrust'. What I do is I let my butt do the moving.

LEANING FORWARD: I move my butt up and down (and of course that moves everything). I try to almost lay my butt into him (picturing it moving up to down in almost a ) shape, your butt almost hooking into his balls), and them to bring myself up I imagine my butt moving up to touch my head (clearly dont go that far or he will slip out).

BOUNCING: If you want to bounce, do the same thing coming down (the ) shape I mentioned), picture your butt hooking in towards his balls more when you aim down, but as you come up, picture your clitorus moving inward toward you (so a ( shape).

LEANING BACKWARD: its the same as leaning forwars, but in reverse

3) Don't go faster than you can handle. If you can't go fast don't. If it will wear you out and then you will be dieing, he will notice and it won't be sexy. So know your stamina and work with it. I am a smoker, so I can't run a sexual marathon. So I go slower, speeding up

periodically, and then going down hard into him and holding it there, and then going slow again, building up. It drives him wild - plus you can feel every inch of him. Remember, you are in control

4) If he wants to put his hands on your butt and thrust a little, don't be insulted. I know at first I thought this was a sign of him not enjoying it. Quite the reverse. It is like how if you scratch a dog in the right place it wiggles its leg. Thats the same for guys, they naturally want to thrust. So let him thrust away and just keep in rhythm with his movements

5) Eye contact. Keep eye contact with him. You looking deep into his eyes will turn him on more than any movement you make. If you sit there and look at the wall or the other way, you could be the best person riding in the world, and he is just going to feel awkward.

6) If you get tired, or too nervous, switch over. Don't try to force it. The longer you try to force it the worse it will get - if he cares about you, and you are feeling a chemistry, then he will pick up on this instantly - and that is the largest turn off.

7) Remember that while you are there to please him, you are mostly there for your own pleasure. So play with yourself, or get him to touch you. Don't be afraid to show the goods. If you play with your self, a little mismatched rhythm or mess up in the movement is not even going to be noticed - he is going to be turned on too much by the thought of your clit and seeing your breasts bouncing.

Hope that helps

ANSWER #6 of 10

I have never rode a dick before but I really want to try, but im scared to do it because I heard it hurt even if your not a virgin which im not and I don't wanna look stupid lol can someone help me

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It doesnt take a scientist to know how to ride a dick..I know sum thngs you can do to make it gud 4 you n hm you can sit in da opposite direction of hm and ride you can squat down a ride hm you can lean on your knees and feels so gud and u can cum 4rm it

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