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Tips on how to ride a man

tips on how to ride a man


Nov 16th, 2010 @ 06:26 pm › Jay Archer

Q: Is it possible to hit my g-spot when you ride your man ?

A: Absolutely, yes! And I’m glad you’re asking how to please yourself not just a man. The g-spot is not a myth and many women rate the g-spot orgasm more intense than clitoral.

Women who learn how ride a man chest-to-chest or at a slightly elevated 45-degree angle derive the majority of their pleasure from clitoral stimulation; the clitoris receiving direct stimulation by rubbing against his pubic bone (directly above his penis).

To stimulate your g-spot you need to understand how to ride your man so the ‘angle of penetration and stimulation’ (read how to make love standing up ) is directed toward the front of your vagina and g-spot versus the posterior or back of your vagina. When you’re chest-to-chest his penis is penetrating and/or toward the back of your vagina in the opposite direction of your g-spot.

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To hit your g-spot learn how to ride your man facing him but leaning back past the 90-degree vertical angle. Support yourself by placing your hands on his thighs or on the bed behind you.

Use your thighs and hips to move your pelvis up and down when riding him. To find the sweet spot for your g-spot when you ride your man you may need to make very slight adjustments by moving your hips slightly closer to his belly button or further away towards his hips. Trust me, you won’t miss it when you hit it.

One drawback in this position is that you lose the direct stimulation your clitoris gets by rubbing on his pelvis. But, nobody says you can’t switch it up, right?

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