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Tips on how to ride a skateboard

tips on how to ride a skateboard

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Find Your Stance

As a beginner, one of the first things to determine is your natural stance, which provides balance while you ride and steer. Skateboarders use one of two stances, regular and goofy. With a regular stance, your left foot is in front and your right foot is in back resting on the tail of the skateboard. The goofy stance involves having your right foot leading and your left foot in the back. Test out both stances by slowly pushing around using one stance and then the other. Your natural stance is the one that feels most comfortable.

Practice Pushing

The core skill that every skateboarder must learn is how to push. Take your natural stance and use your back foot to push off of the ground. Keep your lead foot pointed straight. As you push off of the ground and gain speed, lift your push foot up and place it on the tail of the skateboard. As you place your foot on the skateboard, turn your stance so that your feet are parallel. Practice pushing until you're comfortable. Pushing is fundamental to every trick, so spend several days concentrating solely on pushing.

Practice Turning

To navigate the skateboard in the direction you want to go, you

must learn how to turn. When you're rolling with both feet on the board, shift your weight appropriately to turn the board. If you're using a regular stance and you want to turn right, shift your weight and lean into your toe-side edge. To go left, shift your weight to your heel-side edge. The tightness of your trucks influences turning. Tighter trucks require more pressure to turn. This is good for beginners because it helps keep you stable. Looser trucks require less pressure to turn, which can increase the risk of losing control of the board. Spend several days practicing your turns until you're comfortable.

Practice Stopping

Stopping is another essential skill. There are several ways to stop, but for beginners it's often easiest to use your foot as a brake. As you're riding, kick your back foot out and with your heel leaning on the skateboard, tilt your foot and point your toes downward and drag your toes to slow yourself down and stop. Another way to stop is to use the tail drag. Place your back foot on the tail of the skateboard and push the tail to the ground so that it drags to a stop. Keep in mind that using the tail drag method too much can wear out your skateboard's tail.

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