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Tips on how to roll a joint



1. Place your prepared herb in the wrap and pinch the ends of the paper together surrounding your herb.

Slide the two ends up and down by using your thumbs and back pressure from your index fingers. As you roll it up and down feel for uneven areas of marijuana, seeds, and stems. Remove seeds, and readjust bud if necessary, consistency is key.

2. Once your buds are consistent and evenly grouped you should be ready to roll a joint. This is where your concentration is key so prepare yourself.

Now roll the marijuana towards the non stick edge of

the rolling paper .

3. This is the hard part, so try to keep your cool. Tuck the non stick edge under the opposite edge with your thumb, and pull the backside flap over with your index fingers.

You must roll a joint fairly tight to minimize air pockets. Do this by keeping firm thumb pressure on the flap being tucked under, and pull the opposite flap over tightly with your index fingers.

4. Once you have tucked and pulled the opposite edge over, simply continue to roll the joint up with the goal of making it tight by keeping thumb and forefinger pressure.

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