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Tips on how to satisfy a woman

tips on how to satisfy a woman


Best Answer: Okay all these women are not giving you the best answer, because they didn't answer the question your asking. You love her right?

Listen to me.

The most important thing you can do when pleasuring your girl is to make her feel loved, wanted, and sexy. Let her know that you care and you want to make her feel good. Orgasms are triggers to the brain, not the body. She thinks about what shes feeling, and then she cums. You have to set the right mood along with using the right technique:)

Start by kissing her neck and work your way down, idk about her but I love when my guy bites my inner thigh (only do that if shes into biting). Rub the outside of her panties for a little bit, girls love indirect stimulation, it'll make her wet. Then pull her panties off slowly. Take your

fingers and spread her labia apart ( a lot of guys forget this, and you cant get the right amount of friction between your tongue and her clitoris). Start by licking each side of her labia slowly up and down and then move to the middle and press your tongue hard on the spot below her clit, then up and down her special spot:) Once you have her fully aroused (her clitoris will become swollen and most likely noticeable larger), move south to her vagina opening. Stick your tongue in as deep as you possibly can because its hard to feel a tongue inside. Lastly, alternate between licking her clit in a diagonal motion and licking inside her vagina. Doing this will trigger an, OMG I'm guna ***. wait no, yes, no, yes, yes, yes. It'll send her over the edge:)

Hope I helped.

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