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10 Tips to Save Your Relationship

Saving your marriage: 10 tips

Many couples find themselves at a crossroads where their relationship can go one of two ways: they can work together to seal the cracks and fix the relationship, or they can let their differences get the best of them and break up or get divorced. If you and your significant other are facing hard times, check out these 10 Tips to Save your Relationship.

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Behavioral Tips

Agree to Disagree

It's important that you both remember: although you may be one as a couple you are still both very much individuals with your own thoughts and beliefs. Make an agreement that being different does not mean you both are incompatible.

Be Calm

Though it can be very challenging, it is essential that you make a real effort to stay calm, think and speak rationally. Your partner may be acting completely uncooperative, and this is exactly when you should have a clear perspective and support healthy communication with your partner.

Learn the Reasons Behind the Feelings

Many people form pet peeves from events that happened to them in their past. These catalytic events can range from silly to serious. So, before dismissing your partner's petty complaints, make sure you are not pouring salt in a deep wound.

Give Each Other Space

Giving your partner some informal space can

remind you both of the reasons you enjoy each other's company. Try to subtly recreate the circumstances under which you met.

Patience is Key

Don't expect a quick fix to suddenly reconcile your relationship because marriage issues are not likely to be fixed within a day. If making amends feels like the most difficult thing you've ever done, remember your partner is the most important person in your life.

Financial Tips

Create a Working Structure

Who will be responsible for paying bills, filing invoices, balancing the checkbook, and researching large purchases? Establish a division of labor that suits your talents and needs.

Confide in Your Partner

Keeping financial problems to yourself is destructive to the openness and stability of your relationship. Discuss your worries with your mate and ask them for practical suggestions and support.

Have Money Meeting

Discuss your financial situation, dreams, and goals. Use this time to brainstorm creative solutions to problems and generate ideas to improve your future. Make sure any financial wins or losses are shared from the beginning.

Work With Your Mate's Personality

One of you makes financial decisions instantly, while the other one deliberates for days. One of you hates paperwork, while the other has anxiety if every blank is not filled out completely and perfectly. Focus on a positive outcome, no the method of problem solving.

Rank Your Financial Priorities

Where your individual goals coincide, make a list of the steps it will take to accomplish those goals. Where they collide, figure out which you can live without and how to combine the rest with your partner's plans.

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