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Top Ten Tips On How To Seduce A Married Woman

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Ten Tips on How to Seduce a Married Woman

With the Guys Get Girls eBook . I have been enjoying a wonderful flirting and seductive relationship not just with married women by also with women in general. Since I’m a generous person and I want to share my newly acquired flirting skills for all of you, I’m going to give you top ten tips not just on how to seduce a married woman but all women you’re interested in. These tips on how to attract women are lifted from the Guys Get Girls eBook with a little supplementary information based on my own experiences. Thank me for your success later.

1. Be hard to get. When you learn how to seduce a married woman, you also learn that women are not the only ones who are allowed to be hard to get. We can also use that same technique in order to attract women. You can play hard to get simply means not showing the girl that you’re not that into her at first. For instance, don’t focus solely on her in a group conversation and take interest into what her friends are saying. At this point, the second tip on attracting women will also help you.

2. Create a little competition. As stated in the first tip, you need to act like you’re not into her by also showing interest in her friends or other women in the group. You see, this creates a subconscious competition among them, making them unconsciously think of wanting you all for themselves. You will be surprised at how effective this trick is when I tried it, especially when you apply it on how to seduce a married woman.

3. Touch her arm. The outer portion of the arm isn’t too intimate to be uncomfortable for anyone you are interested in. Just lightly touch their arm during a conversation.

It will make physical intimacy easier for them in the long run.

4. Hug or kiss her goodbye. This will ensure that you will be remembered by the woman you like even after the date is over. However, make sure that the woman is comfortable with the intimacy first.

5. Give her options. When you hit on a woman, it is important that you give her a choice instead of merely asking her for something because she will most likely accept an offer when given a choice. This is also extremely useful on how to seduce a married woman. For instance, instead of asking to have lunch, ask her on whether she would be more comfortable to lunch or exchanging numbers instead.

6. Take care of your appearance. This is an important factor that most men take for granted, especially for those who want to make a good impression. As Guys Get Girls author Tiffany Taylor says, shave, shower, stylish, smell, shoes.

7. Smile. This will instantly make you appear friendlier and more accommodating.

8. Appear confident. Women hate men who are pushover and those they can easily dominate with just an icy glare. Sit or stand upright and tilt your head slightly for an appearance of a confident man.

9. Maintain eye contact. This shows that you’re interested in what she’s talking about and that you’re willing to listen.

10. Show open palms. Study shows that open palms in a conversation subconsciously create an impression of honesty and sincerity. So the next time you’re gesticulating, show your palms.

You may think that attracting women is no easy feat but with these tips on how to seduce a married woman and other women in general, you will surely be a success.

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