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How To Seduce A Woman

tips on how to seduce a woman

How To Seduce A Woman

How To Seduce A Woman Using Covert Persuasion Techniques

O ne easy way to get shut down by women while trying to seduce them is by being too upfront about your seduction to begin with. Because of this, you need to use covert persuasion techniques in order to seduce a woman properly. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be deceptive, treat a woman badly or manipulate her in any way. It simply means that you have to create some sexual attraction and attract women without making it seem like you simply want to get them into bed – no matter how true that might be.

Here are several covert female psychology techniques that can help you seduce a woman without her even realizing it. Also, at the end of the article I will share a piece of hate mail which I have gotten from publishing this blog post – watch out for it.

Nine (9) Seduction Hacks That Master Seducers Use

  • Technique Number One. Show off the traits of an alpha male.

What are alpha male traits? Well, being confident, calm, secure and fun would definitely be some of them. In fact, these would be the main traits that can help you seduce a woman without the need to memorize scripts or pickup lines. With these traits, you won’t even have to work hard to convince women that you are a good catch. Instead, you can be sure that once they see that you have all of the traits of an alpha male, they will simply feel attracted to you in one way or another.

A simple shortcut on “implanting ” the image of yourself as an alpha male in a woman’s mind is through the usage of this covert seduction technique called fractionation . First used by master seducers by combining the usual seduction techniques with hypnosis, fractionation is known as the technique that makes women fall in love in as little as 15 minutes.

Video on Fractionation Seduction (opens up in a new window)

WARNING. Our lawyers have asked us to publish this disclaimer due to the nature of the video – we cannot be held responsible for the things you do resulting from watching the video. If you have bad intentions toward women (i.e. making them emotionally dependent on you, etc), then do not watch .

  • Technique Number Two. Use your body to flirt, too.

Believe it or not, if you display both physical and verbal signs of flirting. you will end up having an easier time seducing women than men who are more reserved in the matter. This is because physical flirting is generally much more effective compared to verbal flirting since it can create a more intimate connection – something that women need to feel before they decide to jump into bed with you.

Naturally, women who have a lot of problems in their lives and who result to cheap sex because of it would be the exceptions to this rule, but who would want to seduce a woman like that anyway?

  • Technique Number Three. Use the push and pull technique.

The push and pull technique can actually create very strong sexual tension with women if used properly. This is how it works: when talking to a woman for the first time, you have to be aggressive and push forward as much as possible by making the conversation flow, flirting with her and making her feel that you like her.

However, you have to stop moving forward eventually if you want to seduce a woman successfully. In other words, you will have to pull back a little bit during your conversation and suddenly act more aloof. This will make the woman become more aggressive and push forward, thus making her run after you for a change.

This technique is a variation of “fractionation “, and is widely acknowledged as the fastest seduction tactic ever to be invented by man. More on this technique later, but this is easily one of the most advanced mind seduction tactics out there in the world today.

  • Technique Number Four. Build a good connection.

Ideally, if you want to seduce a woman, you will have to start to build a connection with her during your conversations. However, some men have trouble figuring out which subjects they can touch on and which ones they should steer clear of. Well, the easiest way to figure out which subjects are safe would simply be by asking her yourself. Besides, by doing this, you will not just show her that you are interested in what she likes, but it will also show her how considerate you are. Once you are aware of the subjects that you can focus on, you can then probe her with more questions to learn more about her and keep building rapport that way.

Using the right combo of seduction techniques you will be able to pick any woman up with ease. One of these techniques, fractionation. is known to be able to make a woman fall in love in as little as 15 minutes. Click here for more…

  • Technique Number Five. Hypnotize her with your words.

Some techniques on how to seduce a woman can instantly create emotional connections. as well. The best part is that these techniques don’t involve layered conversations. All you have to do is add the right hypnotic layers into your conversations while distracting her with a certain subject and drawing her into an emotional bond with you at the same time. Although some men think this is impossible to do, it can actually be a very fast and effective technique in seducing women the world over.

  • Technique Number Six. Remain mysterious.

Most men know that women love anticipation and mystery. Well, it’s true. So, if you reveal too much about yourself, you could fall down a huge hole of failure in no time. Instead, you have to make sure that she focuses on you and that you keep her attention. If women tend to lose interest in you because you are too easy to read, then you will never succeed in the world of seduction.

  • Technique Number Seven. Stay in control.

No matter what, you have to make sure that women never take control of things. This means that you have to keep things completely irrational because women find irrational things very thrilling (it’s true!). In other words, if you want to learn how to seduce a woman. you have to get inside her head and connect with her emotions until she does things she normally wouldn’t do. That is when you will know she is completely yours.

Remember that when a woman is finding love. she is in fact looking for security and somebody to be IN control.

  • Technique Number Eight. Use covert intention.

You need to realize that women can tell when men like them or not (call that women’s instinct). In fact, a lot of the time, they can tell in a matter of seconds or minutes whether a man is interested in them or not. Unfortunately, once a woman realizes that you like her, she will automatically have the power to call the shots and you automatically lose all control. How can you avoid this from happening? Easy. Just hide your intentions and don’t show her how interested you are . This would be one of the best ways to seduce a woman nowadays!

  • Technique Number Nine. Use hypnotic seduction.

On that note,

you can also turn to a technique called fractionation if you want to seduce a woman. Basically, fractionation is taken from Neuro Linguistic Programming and is one of the most effective seduction techniques out there today. If used properly, you can actually make a woman fall in love with you in less than 15 minutes – believe it.

I’ve recently received a piece of hate mail from a woman regarding the fractionation technique – click on the image to view it -

I just thought it’s funny as hell.

Now if you’re not as hateful as “Shelley” above, then do this. Go get the guide on fractionation is found at (where you can get to download a guide and watch a video for free). If you’re looking for guaranteed seduction guides which will give you awesome results then look no further.


Mistakes in Dating and Seduction You Must Avoid

A ttracting a woman isn’t always easy. In fact, even with high-rated techniques by their side, a lot of men still fail in the world of dating and seduction. This is because the techniques that so-called seduction experts throw their way tend to be nothing but dating mistakes.

Unfortunately, some men even make mistakes when interacting with women on their own. If this sounds familiar to you, then you can rest easy knowing that these mistakes can still be fixed. All you have to do is get rid of anything that might be holding you back at the moment.

Here are some of the most common mistakes in dating seduction you must avoid if you want to change your love life for the better in no time.

Portraying Bad Character Traits

In love and in life, nothing matters more than your actions. So, if you respect yourself, people will respect you, too – and women are sure to find you appealing to boot and establish an emotional connection with you. So, don’t say things that you don’t mean and keep your promises when you make them. Be confident at all times, as well, and make sure you always consider how other people might feel before you say or do anything. Remember: if you portray nothing but positive character traits, women are sure to eat out of the palm of your hand in no time!

Having Low Self-Confidence

In the eyes of a woman, nothing beats the sexiness of a man who oozes with confidence. So, don’t try to make other people happy; this will merely show off your weaknesses. If you think you are the king of the world, women will think so, too. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should overdo it in the confidence department, though. There is no reason for you to act like a jerk or be boastful about how good you are in picking up women of all ages. for example. Instead, just let your accomplishments do the talking themselves.

White lies every now and then can be pretty harmless. However, lying on a regular basis will only ruin your reputation and your credibility in the eyes of women. Besides, some people believe in karma, and if you lie, then you can be sure it will bite you back someday.

Unfortunately, a lot of men choose to lie to avoid the common discomfort that comes with honesty. What you might not be considering when you lie, though, is that you could get caught; and, if you do, then your reputation will be shot to hell. Because of this, it would always be best to just be honest at all times. If you never really know what to say to a woman. it’s better to keep your mouth shut rather than lie.

This goes for when you are dating multiple women at once. Instead of juggling your dates and hoping that none of them finds out, just let all of them know that you aren’t ready for commitment. This will save you a lot of discomfort in the long run.

Of course, if you have already committed any of the aforementioned mistakes, the only thing that you can do is learn from them. Soon after that, you should see a positive difference in your dating life.

How to Have the Perfect First Date

May 23, 2013 in Dating Techniques with Comments Off

T o be perfectly honest, there is no such thing as a magic formula that can produce the perfect first date for you. In fact, if you plan on using tricks or playing games on your first date, you probably won’t get anywhere with your date to begin with. That doesn’t necessarily mean that some quick tips won’t be helpful when it comes to this, though. So, because of popular demand, here are the top five tips that you need to follow on every first date.

It may be true that you have to make a good first impression if you want to get anywhere on your first date, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get nervous about making it. In fact, being yourself is the only way you can get her easily. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pretend to be something that you’re not, either. Besides, if you keep working on an act all night, all you will do is make your date fall in love with someone else. So, instead, just be yourself, and go from there.


There is no need for you to stress about a first date or about getting everything right on it. First dates aren’t about details, after all; they are about getting to know one another better. So, even if something horrible happens during the night, just breathe and take the mishap as an icebreaker or maybe even a joke that you can laugh about down the line if you end up seeing each other again. Also, try to be confident(in just the right and appropriate amounts) and show your date that you have the traits of an alpha-male .

Pick a Comfy Place.

As mentioned earlier, first dates are about getting to know one another better. So, put your mobile phone away for the night, listen attentively to your date and make sure you pick a place where you can comfortably talk to one another and focus on each other. This means that you should avoid concerts, movies and plays at all costs.

Ask Questions.

Believe it or not, something as simple as showing genuine interest in your date can ensure that they become more affectionate towards you in no time. It doesn’t even matter if you ask them something superficial or something deep. As long as you keep the conversation going and genuinely listen to your date, you can prove that you are a caring person overall. This way, you’d be able to get to know her as the night progresses, and get to know how to REALLY talk to women in general, and have a connection with your date.

Have Fun.

This tip goes hand-in-hand with tip number two. A lot of the time, people get so nervous during a first date that they completely forget to just let loose and have fun when the date is actually ongoing. However, you need to know that your date won’t get attracted to you if you don’t smile and laugh with them at the very least. Conversely, if you show your date that you are having a lot of fun in their presence, then they will automatically have a lot of fun, too. So, make a few jokes, be weird, laugh and show off your romantic side whenever possible. Don’t forget to mention how much fun you had after the date, either!

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