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Tips on how to seduce men

Vanessa Hunt

How to seduce men

Author Andrew Trees wrote a book called Decoding Love and in it, he provides stats that are meant to help women seduce men.

Of the more interesting stats Andrew Trees lists off:

  • Women who blatantly take initiative with men are perceived negatively. Science suggest they give off non-verbal cues instead.
  • Eye contact combined with a smile usually works best when trying to seduce a man.
  • In order to get a man to approach, women need to smile and make eye contact 35 times in an hour. (Hell, if it takes him an hour to get that I’m flirting then perhaps he’s not worth pursuing.)
  • Men are twice as likely as women to be sexually attracted to their opposite-sex friends.
  • Wearing lipstick increases a woman’s chances of finding romance.
  • Rejection activates the same brain circuits as being in actual physical pain.
  • Being in love

    releases the chemical oxytocin, which melts away old neural connections and allows for changes in the brain to take place.

Now to start, I have turned many a man on by buying him a drink; some guys find it incredibly refreshing that I’m not there to score free drinks and c*cktease all night.

Second, I think that if spent an hour across the way from an attractive guy and kept eyeing and smiling at him for an hour, he’d likely think I was mildly psychotic and leave.

And besides, are we to assume that men are so daft that they wouldn’t know we were flirting with them from the first point of eye contact and smile? We have to do it 35 freakin’ times to get the point across? Sheesh…

And yeah, I always knew that if I gave the majority of my male friends even a mild hint of sexual interest, they would pounce on me.

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