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Three Tips: How to Sell Your Car on eBay Motors


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Tips to Sell Your Car on eBay Motors With these three key tips:

1) A Picture is worth 1000 words

You can now upload to 24 pictures in eBay Motors (more if you use CARad). Since your buyers may not be seeing your car firsthand, each picture reveals more about the vehicle condition and answers potential buyer questions.

Don't forget that the trunk, carpets, engine, and wheels/tires are important indicators to your car's condition. Use all the pictures possible for best results.

Use supersize pictures -- this is a must do. You will be able to show much more information in the large format than thumbnails. Don't worry about upload or download time, it is worth it! Your best deal is to use the eBay Vehicle Picture Pack which offers 24 supersize pictures (and a unique picture layout) and Picture Show for just $2.00 (that's much cheaper than $0.15 per picture!).

2) Reach out to your Bidders

Contact each new high bidder and confirm their interest and find out more

about their interest in your car. Important information such as:

Are they local?

Do they have a fair value of your car?

Any questions you can answer (that might change their bid amount)?

How will they pay if they win?

You should definitely contact any bidder if you have questions about their feedback, activity, or location. It is best to be proactive as soon as possible.

Plus, it allows the Buyer to get comfortable with you, the vehicle, and the transaction. It is extra work, but it will build trust for you and your buyer.

3) Use the Item Question/Answer Section

When replying to any Ask Seller a Question email, check the box that will respond and post the reponse to the view item Question and Answer section. By showing all questions and replies, this allows potential buyers to know 1) you are responsive to any question and 2) provides more information about the car/transaction.

It's a real win-win for you and the buyers.

Good Luck and Happy Motoring!

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