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How to Go To Sleep Fast: 5 Tips to Sleep Faster

You may be wondering how you can go to sleep faster.  In this short post, I will give you some tips on how you can go to sleep fast.

First of all, if you’re trying to get more sleep it’s very likely that you don’t go to bed early and rise out of bed early like the old saying recommends you to.  You may also have alcoholic drinks nearby.  Alcohol and going to bed too late are 2 things that mess with your circadian rhythms (cycles between sleep and wakefulness) and that’s why you would not be able to sleep right when you wish you could.  And Maybe it’s not your fault at all.  Maybe you’re just stuck with the graveyard shift or are having a mild case of insomnia.  Whatever it is, here are some tips to help you get more sleep faster.

Tip 1: Take the cellphone out of the bedroom.  If you charge your cell phone in the kitchen or living room you won’t be distracted by anything or anyone that might disturb your sleep.  You won’t be getting more sleep if you are counting on answering your cell phone at some point in the night.

Tip 2: Turn your digital alarm clock AWAY from you.  If you’re alarm clock display is in sight, you’re eyes are naturally drawn to it and it will distract you.  You don’t have to get rid of

your alarm clock, but definitely turn it away so its not facing you while you’re trying to catch those Z’s.

Tip 3:This one can be hard for some people: Take the television out of the bedroom.  Nothing kills sleep more like having an available brain sucking device right in front of you to provide you with effortless entertainment at any point during the night.  Don’t deal with it, and just keep the TV in the living room if you can.  You’re basically training yourself to use your bedroom as what it is: a room to go to bed in.  If you eliminate any distraction you can you’ll be on your way to get more sleep faster.

Tip 4: Keep the Temperature on Low when given the choice between hotter or colder.  The simple reason being, that while your mate or roommate may have a different temperature preference, they can always get an extra blanket to get warm.  But if you’re hot it’s gonna be damn hard to cool down and get some damn sleep.

Tip 5: Physically exert yourself.  I guarantee you will fall asleep faster if you get very tired through out the day.  Working out can help you in this area in addition to the obvious benefits of exercise.  If you’re looking to shed some fat at the same time see Chad Waterbury Workouts

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